Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Day with Kayla

July 30, 2011.  My niece Kayla came to visit this weekend.  We decided we would photograph our day together.

We started our day with a lovely french toast breakfast.

Today Scott picked up his new glasses.  He waited years to get his eyes checked and now he has to wear glasses. 
Kayla and I were the first to see his new look.

Then it was off to puppy kindergarten. 
Daisy graduated today!

After class we went to visit my friend Stacey's 5 week old Tibetan Terrier puppies.  They were really cute!

Kayla enjoyed playing with the puppies.

 They're already learning tricks.  "Sit up puppy!"

This girl was a hoot.  I caught her mid pounce.

Stacey does a great job of exposing the puppies to all sorts of new things, which is so important for their socialization.  They really enjoyed the agility tunnel.

The puppies seemed to like the new toys we brought them.

This boy was a cuddler.

I love this face!

The puppies passed out after all the excitement of our visit.

Then it was off to the nail salon for a little pampering.

Oooh, aahhh.  Very pretty.

Our neighbors recently got a bunny, Thumper, so we went to go see her.  She's still a little shy but so cute and soft.

We decided to make individual pizzas for dinner so we could each have what we liked. 

Kayla made the extra one which was a combination of all our favorites.  Sawyer is hoping she drops some on the floor.

Before baking.

All done! 

Mmmm,mmmm good.

Scott can see his pizza now with his new glasses.

Then for dessert we dipped fresh fruit in chocolate...yum, yum!

We watched movies the rest of the night while I had to bake some goodies for the next day.

On Sunday I had to go to an obedience trial with Brooke and Sawyer so Uncle Scott took over hosting duties.  I understand he made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then took Kayla for laser tag. What fun!

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