Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sussex County weekend

October 15, 2011. This weekend was a 4-day circuit at Sussex County Fairgrounds. I had Sawyer entered 3 days because Sunday was the Ratings test. We won the Breed all three days. Sarah and Rayne were there on Saturday so she was able to take some pictures.

The day started out sunny but got cloudy, cold and windy. Rayne did not like the wind and the tent flapping so she was not at her best during the judges exam. She moved nicely and on the last go around got moved up to third place.

Sawyer in the Sporting Group.

It was really cold by the groups and windy (not a good hair day). I couldn’t wait to get back in the car with the seat warmers and head home.

2011 GSWC Fall Specialty

October 9, 2011. Today was the Garden State Weimaraner Club Independent Specialty. And what a crazy day for me it was. I was showing 4 dogs in 5 classes, plus obedience.

First up was Wyatt in Puppy Sweepstakes.

He did much better today and won his class.

Then it was Daisy’s turn to be in the Puppy Sweepstakes.

She’s was having a good ol’ time.

At least she nailed her free stack.

She always seemed to pull it together at the end, after the judge was done looking.

Wyatt was back in for Best in Sweeps.

He was waiting for a long time with the large Best in Sweeps class and was getting bored and tired of standing there.

But he held it together and went Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes.

Next in was Mamma Sharon. I think she’s so over showing and would just like the food and be done with it.

She can still move

No time for a break, right back in with Wyatt for the dog classes. He took 2nd in the Bred By Exhibitor class. Since he took 2nd we had to wait for Winners Dog because he may have had to go in for Reserve.

In the meantime I was supposed to be in the obedience ring with Sawyer. The judge was kind enough to wait for us and let us warm up a bit as I ran from one ring to another. Unfortunately the warm up didn’t help. Even though he did beautifully when we were practicing the day before, today when we got in the ring he seemed to be in hunt mode. His nose was to the ground during our whole heeling pattern.

We actually muddled through and he was passing (I’m sure barely) when we got to the stays. Sawyer was the only Novice entry and all he needed to do was the stays and he’d have his title. He completed the sit stay. During the down stay a bug bit him in the butt and bent towards his back, not getting completely up. If he lies back down we may be able to salvage it…but no, he got back up and it was all over. Oh well, I really didn’t want to finish his title with that terrible performance.

Time for the lunch break! Many thanks to Scott for making sure everything was put out while I was busy with all the dogs.

After lunch was the class bitch judging and Daisy’s turn again.

She was a bit more under control now. The more time she spends in the ring, the better.

The judge reordered us as we went around and we did move up but not enough for a placement.  Not bad for a puppy in the with big girls.

Sawyer was the last one in of my crew for the Best in Breed.

He did well and make several cuts as the judge narrowed down the specials.

It was a very hot day so I did my best to keep Sawyer cool while we waited to go back in the ring.

We didn’t make the final placements but dad Dude was Best of Opposite Sex and sister Prada got an Award of Merit.

All in all it was good day but I was completely exhausted!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 WCA Eastern Futurity / Maturity

October 8, 2011. Today was the WCA Eastern Futurity and Maturity shows hosted by the Garden State Weimaraner Club. Wyatt was entered today. His inexperience showed as he did not want to stack today. He’d get better as the days go on but the first day is always rough.

Kirsten was happy with Wyatt’s placement ribbon.

His official photo came out nice too.

There was a parade of rescue dogs in-between the Futurity and Maturity classes. It was wonderful to see all these special owners with their loved companions.

Luanne and Kirsten had fun attending their first show with Wyatt. Riding around in Nadine’s golf cart and seeing puppies was fun too.

Hatboro dog show

October 6, 2011. Today I went to the Hatboro Dog Club show. I used this as a warm up for Daisy before the specialty this weekend. We traveled down to the show with Sarah and Rayne.

Daisy was up first and she was a goofball as usual. But at least she’s having a good time.

I didn’t know our friends Pat and Kevin were going to be there so it was nice to fans ringside.

We didn’t do anything but it was nice to get some practice.

Today was more about Rayne.

She looked great!

Rayne went Best of Winner and Best of Opposite Sex over a special for her 2nd point.

Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Wine Country - Day 4

October 2, 2011. Day 4 of Wine Country. The last day of the circuit, the day for us to pack up and go home. Weims aren’t on until the afternoon. Tibbies are on early but it’s been pouring all morning and I have to help Scott pack up the RV. I spoke with Pat and she decided to just pull John Henry. The weather was miserable and he was distracting Djebel anyway. So we spent the morning packing everything up. The rain stopped but it was just a mud pit. We got almost everything squared away and I was stepping out of the RV, slipped in the mud and fell right on my ass. Luckily no one saw but I was quite sore for the next couple of days.

Scott decided he was going to start heading home in the RV with the girls since our judging time wasn’t until 1pm and then I would drive home after showing with the boys. So I lost my photographer. Today was bad; Wyatt took 2nd place in his class and got no reserve today. Sawyer got dumped as well…why did we stay?? Oh well, there’s always another show.

I did get to snap a picture of this trailer / mobile dog house on my way out.

Pretty creative although I’m still trying to figure out where the people stayed since I only saw the Jeep.

It was a long drive home and even longer night as we had to unpack the whole RV and clean it so we could return it the next morning. But as always we had good food and fun with friends all week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Wine Country - Day 3

October 1, 2011. Day 3 of Wine Country. The weather is getting worse. Today we’re on in the morning and it’s rainy, windy and chilly.

Wyatt practices stacking outside the ring with Sawyer’s coat on.

Sawyer watching mommy with another man, Waytt. Sawyer is such a momma’s boy!

Both dogs in our Bred By Class were being goofy while gaiting. The judge, Pat Trotter, was very nice and let us try again. She said she liked Wyatt stacked and he ended up Reserve to the major again.

Next up was Sawyer

Sawyer goes Best of Opposite Sex today.

As soon as we were done we ran over to the Tibbie Specialty to see if I would still be able to show John Henry. Tibbies really don’t like this weather.

Halle did not think running around in the wet grass in the rain was very fun.

Under the tent on the table was a much better place to be.

I think Halle’s face says it all on how she feels about this weather.

Me and John Henry waiting for our turn.

Movin’ those legs out…both of us.

Well we didn’t do anything again today but Djebel went Best in Specialty show and Pat won a beautiful chair!

Sharon, Jet’s fan...well it's better than the Cowboys.

Today was John’s birthday so we celebrated with a big cake and candles.

We got a big tent this year, thank goodness considering our typical Wine Country weather.

The chefs for the week: Frank, Phil and John. Scott helped with breakfast.

Denise and I, trying to keep warm and dry.

Caught! Scott really does love Daisy!!

Daisy thinks she is a lap dog.