Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Canada - Long Sault 2011 Day 2

August 27, 2011. Day two in Canada. Today we had the all breed show and the Weimaraner Association of Canada (WAC) specialty. We started with the all breed show in the morning.
The more Daisy is showing the better she’s getting, at least with the stacking.

Sawyer showed well.
Prada went Winner’s Bitch and Dude was Best of Breed for this time.

Next up was the WAC Specialty. Daisy was in the puppy sweepstakes.

She was fine during the puppy sweeps.

Then the regular classes started. We were waiting outside the ring for our turn and when the judge approached the table to write in her book, Daisy started barking at her. I knew right then that we were going to have a problem. I’m not sure why but for some reason Daisy was not comfortable with the judge. Our first go around she turned her head to keep her eye on the judge the whole time. We certainly tried and the judge, Rita Walker, was extremely gracious giving Daisy food and trying to make it a good experience. She took the food but wanted no part of the exam. We excused ourselves and the judge had us go one more time around on our way out. Daisy was completely fine for the rest of the day and the weekend of shows.
We did capture the experience so we can laugh about it now.

For the Weim specialty, long hairs and short hairs show in the same class. Prada was in the Open class with the only long hair entered in the show.
Prada ended up going Winners Bitch.

Luckily Sawyer had no problems with the judge and showed wonderfully.

We were thrilled that the judge selected Sawyer as Best in Breed at the Specialty!! He got a huge rosette and a beautiful painting.

In Canada you can see your show photos that day and order them. Usually you can get the photo the next day but of course I took a day to decide which one I wanted and then they were too backlogged to print photos so I have to wait for them to mail the picture from Canada. It did turn out nice so I can’t wait to get it.

Our set up was in the overflow area since there were no camp sites available. Everyone in this area was hooked up to a large generator. They had this set up so I had to get a picture of this since I can’t imagine this happening in the US.

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