Monday, October 25, 2010

DVWC / GSWC Ratings

October 24, 2010.  Today was a beautiful day for the Delaware Valley and Garden State Weimaraner Clubs WCA Ratings tests.  I arrived at Colliers Mills at 6:30am and it was still dark (and creepy).  The sun rose quickly and we set up for the day's event.  Even though the grass was high and made picture taking a little difficult, I followed many braces and gave it a try.  The retrievings ratings were a bit easier to photograph and this was the first time I'd seen and participated in the retrieving ratings.  It's wonderful to watch this beautiful breed do what comes natural in hunting and retrieving. 

Nadine and Prada getting ready for Prada's first run at Novice Shooting Dog.

John decided to sit on top of this giant mound of sand to get a better view.  He was King of the Hill.  Good thing I snapped this picture just before he gave me another kind of bird :)

Sharon and daughter Prada reunite.  Of course they wouldn't stand still for a photo.

Sharon got some lovin' fom John before she went out in the field.

Sharon did not have a successful run at her NSD title.  I don't think this is her thing, like it is for Sawyer.

First up for Sawyer was the land retrieve.
Sawyer was off like a shot to get the bird....he looks like a giant schnauzer in this picture with his ears standing up like that.

But he returned with the bird and that's exactly what he needed to do.

Sawyer was successful with the land retrieve so we were off to the water retrieve part.  He needs to pass both pieces for the Novice Retrieving Dog (NRD) title. 

Dude and Sawyer driving to the water for the next part of the test.

I was worried about Sawyer going into the water to retrieve on the first try.  When we practice we usually start off with short retrieves and we build up distance.  He was a bit hesitent but with some encouraging he didn't disappoint me and went in to retrieve the duck.  I'm so proud of him!

Sawyer had his normal splashy approach but good thing we're not rated on grace.

Wow, so much splash!

He smoothed out once he reached the duck.

Sawyer returning with his prize.

But he must bring it to me in the circle.

Success!!  And a new title!!

We were already entered in the afternoon ratings test so we would still take our turn since we paid our entry and it would be good practice for Sawyer.

Prada was on point several times during her afternoon run for her NSD but unfortunately didn't get her title this time.  The tall grass and my distance kept me from getting a good shot but you can still see she's on point.

Momma's boy Sawyer with me before our afternoon land retrieve.

Watching the bird drop.

Sending Sawyer for the retrieve. 

I think his back legs are trying to go faster than his front legs.

Looking for the bird.

Found it!

Wait, aren't there more birds in those bags??  That seems easier.

He's a bit zig zaggy on his returns so we'll have to work on that.
Finally, the return and release.  Two paws and a bird in the circle...success!

After all that work and now I'm going to take the bird away from him...sorry!

 On to the water retrieve. I was hoping the second time around Sawyer would take less time to get into the water and he was much faster this time and needed less coaxing. 

Although he was not less splashy.

Oops, that's a leaf, keep going.

There's the bird!

Sawyer's swimming is so much smoother on the way back in.

 Another successful return for Sawyer.

 But I was unsuccessful in blocking the water shake, and with those ears there's quite a trajectory.

It was a successful day and we reached our goal of earning Sawyer's Novice Retrieving Dog title and along with that title we also earned a Versatile (V) rating from the WCA since Sawyer has earned enough points from at least 3 different sports. Guess it's on to VX next!

I'm so proud of Sawyer the accomplishments we've acheived together.

AKC/CKC/UKC CH Ashbrooke Quantrels Tom Sawyer Islnd, RLP, CGC, RL1, CD-H, JH, NSD, RN, RL2, RA, NRD,, that's a mouthful!

That's my man!

Stranger Danger

October 14, 2010.  I forgot to post these videos from last week.  I was working at home and the dogs were barking outside.  It was consistent so I knew something was up.  I looked out the window to see what the problem was and low and behold a balloon had floated into the back yard....or invaded the yard from the dogs' perception.  It was pretty amusing to see them so freaked out by a balloon so of course I had to run and get the video camera.

Brave Sawyer saved the day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Meet the Breeds

October 16 and 17, 2010.  We spent the weekend representing the Weimaraner breed at the AKC Meet the Breeds event at the Javits Center in NYC.  A HUGE thank you to my husband, Scott, for manning the booth with me.  I could not have done it without him.  All humans and dogs were exhausted at the end of the weekend, but we were proud to represent our wonderful breed. 

Scott and I went over to the Javits Center on Friday evening to set up the booth.  We got a majority of the work done and just had to put out the table items on Saturday.  We realized a few nights before that we had a larger 10 x 20 booth this year so needed to increase the decorations.  We expanded on the 'Grey Ghost' theme.
Left side of our booth with pictures showing the versatility of Weims.

Right side of the booth. We loaded a bunch a pictures on our digital frame and brought that with us. 

Rear table.  Many people asked if my statues and stuffed Weim were for sale....hands off people :)

Brooke played the roll of ambassador well.

Sawyer also got in on the socializing with the visitors to our booth.

Ruby and Sawyer take a break from the activities to chew on their bones.

7 month old puppy, Ruby, was exhausted by mid-day on Saturday and took a nap in the middle of the booth.  This was a lot of stimulation for her but she was a trooper.

Sunday morning everyone was refreshed and ready to start another long day.  Sawyer and Ruby got some play time in before the doors opened to the public.

We got a quick picture of both of Scott and I in the booth before the crowds started piling in.

Since there was only two of us I really didn't get to walk around.  I did fit in a quick run around the building to look at the other breed booths before the doors opened at 10am.  There were some very creative booths out there.  I wanted to get back to see the guys from Rescue Ink but never got the opportunity.

Another day brought more visitors to our booth and the Weims were more than happy to get the attention.

Ruby, Brooke and Sawyer showing off their 'sits' to the audience.

By the end of the second day, even the adult dogs were tired and went into their crates to take a break 
Sawyer napping.

All in all I think it was a successful event!

2010 Garden State Weimaraner Club Fall Specialty

October 10, 2010.  We had a beautiful day for the specialty.  It was a busy day for me.  I had 5 entries with 3 dogs, in 3 different sports, plus the hospitality.  Luckily I had Scott there to help me!! 

We set up the canopy and ex-pens for the dogs so they could hang out in comfort.
Ruby and Brooke patiently waiting for their turn.

Sisters, Ruby and Prada meeting again.

This was Ruby's first weekend of showing and while she's still getting used to stacking, she moved nicely.

Ruby and sister Prada in the Sweepstakes class.  Prada won the class.

After sweeps and before the regular classes I ran over to the obedience ring with Brooke.  She earned her last leg for her Novice Obedience tile (CD) with first place and High in Trial!  Scott was instructed to stay away as he's a huge distraction for Brooke so we have no photos of her performace.

Checking back in the conformation ring, it looked like I had time to fit in Sawyer's rally run so we did that next.  Sawyer passed with an almost perfect score of 99, first place and his Rally Advanced title!

Then it was back to the conformation ring for Ruby and Sawyer.

Sawyer showed well but no placements for him today.

It was a good day overall.  Prada was Winners Bitch for a 4 point major.

Dude won the Breed.