Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kid Rock / Sheryl Crow concert

July 12, 2011.  Well this is out of order because I forgot I had these pictures on my smaller camera.  It was a very hot night in July and I did consider not going to the concert because of the heat.  I was glad I went.  It was a lot of fun with good friends. 

Sheryl Crow opened the show. 

Next up, Kid Rock! 

Must be nice and convenient to have a bar on the stage.

Hello New Jersey! 

The not so innocent look, 

What's a rock show without flames?

Time for a whisky break. 

Guitar time.

Sheryl came back to join Kid Rock for a few numbers. 


Drum time. 

Nice microphone. 

He did play the piano too, before standing on it. 

The sound didn't come out that great but 'Bawitdaba'.

Thank you and good night! 

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