Friday, July 30, 2010

Sawyer Swims!

July 30, 2010.  Today I went to Showplace Farms with my friend Pat and her dog Djebel, trying once again to get Sawyer to swim.  Showplace has a large pool with a ramp so he could walk into the pool.  He was reluctant at first but was very motivated by the bumper and the tennis ball. 

It was hard to video while I was trying to motivate Sawyer to get into the pool but I got a few clips.  Unfortunately in the first clip I didn't throw the tennis ball far enough so he didn't have to swim to get it.

Then I threw the bumper and had to get along side so he'd come towards me.  Notice how he makes the detour on his way back out to pick up his bumper.

Sawyer and his swimming buddy, Djebel.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July catch up

July 29, 2010.  Even though we haven't really been showing this month it's been so busy and I'm way behind on blogging.  So I needed to at least catch up before the month ended.

We received a new video from Sawyer's brother Bruno. He has impressive catching skills with a frisbee!

Even in this heat Brooke still lays out on the deck.  I just don't get it.  It's HOT out there!

Sawyer started swimming lessons which we hope to progress into canine water sports...or at least a water retrieve. He isn't swimming yet but is more comfortable with the water and he looks dashing in his new life jacket.  I still have to take a photo of him in it. 

We got a dog pool to help get Sawyer more comfortable getting into the water.  As soon as we filled in up Brooke walked right in.  She just loves it!

Sawyer took a little more effort to encourage him to go in.  Good thing he likes tennis balls and bumpers.  That got him in the water and the more we worked it the easier it was to get him in. 

Good thing Sharon doesn't like the water, I don't think all three of them would have fit in there.

We're trying to teach Sawyer commands for getting in and out of the water.

The pool was also fun for Scott and I to have a contest as to who could get the most tennis balls in it from across the yard.  I won, but Scott will say otherwise.

Tiki settles in

July 10, 2010.  Tiki went to his new home, it was sad to say goodbye but we know he'll have a good life.  We got an email that night from Petrina and Kim to let us know that Tiki settled into his new home.  He's resting on the woobie I sent home with him because every Weim needs a woobie!

July 25, 2010.  We got another update on Tiki and he's doing great.  Petrina and Kim are impressed at how smart he is and report that he's doing really well in his training class. 

He had a play date this weekend and it sure looks like he had fun.  Here he is running with his brother, Jessie, and his new friend, a 7-month old Lab.

Puppy reunion

July 18, 2010.  We attended the Twin Brooks Kennel Club show in Morristown and got to see several of the puppies from our most recent litter.  It was great to see all the owners and how the pups are growing up.  It was a fun day!

The siblings meet:  Ruby, Wyatt and Molly.

Molly was a little shy at first but then warmed up and had fun playing with brother Wyatt.

Then Molly felt comfortable jumping on Wyatt's head while Ruby looked on thinking, silly puppies.

Wyatt showing off his stay command.

Wyatt's close up.

Prada joined us when we went outside.

Wyatt and Ruby played outside

Then we got to do some stacking.  Prada showed us first how it's done since she gets way more practice.

Then it was Wyatt's turn.

Molly and Ruby look on.  Ruby waiting for her turn and Molly saying, better you than me.

Ruby's turn.  She was a little worried about where her mom was but stacked nicely.

Ruby learned it is better to stand than to sit.

Ruby stretches out after all that work.

Dad, Dude, came out to see the kids.

Prada and Nadine prove Weims can be portable.



Wait, this isn't one of mine! :)

Molly was quite pooped when she got home after the puppy reunion.  I'm sure the other puppies were as well.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye Tiki

July 10, 2010.  Tiki went to his new home today.  While it was sad to see him go, I know he'll be loved and well cared for.  It was such a pleasure having him here and I'm so grateful we got him back and were able to find him a good home.  What a turnaround he made with his weight.  He arrived here at about 62 lbs and is leaving at a healthy 74.8 lbs!!  He looks terrific and his spirit is just great.

How do you say goodbye to this face.

Tiki is always happy and that tail is always wagging.

One last photo with Tiki...I think we both look a little sad.

We spent the day taking as many photos as we could before his new family arrives.

Tiki waiting for lunch...ours, not his.

Tiki with his new woobie...notice his tail is always wagging so it's blury in all the pics.

Scott, Tiki, and his new woobie.

Tiki's close up.

I know Tiki is going to be happy with his new family, Petrina, Kim and big brother Jessie the golden retriever.  I'm sure we'll have updates on his new life.

Escaping the heat

July 7, 2010.  These dogs have it so rough, or should I say 'ruff'.  Here they all are hanging out on the bed while I get ready to begin my work day.  It's a cell phone picture so it's not that clear but you get the point.

The boys like to hand out with me on the deck while we're catching the last rays of sun before it sets.

Tiki on yard partrol.  I guess the lounge chair give him a better view of the yard.

It's been so hot that we've been spending alot of time inside.
Sawyer hogging up the love seat.

Tiki in his favorite spot in the corner of the couch.

Brooke upside down....guess it's cooler this way.

The brothers

Mom and her sons.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rally / Obedience Trials at St. Hubert's

July 3 & 5, 2010.  This weekend the St. Hubert's Dog Sports Club hosted two events. 

Saturday was the APDT Rally trial.  It was a great turnout and I was on my feet all day helping out and managing the refreshments with my hospitality partner, Pat.  Brooke was entered for the first time in Veterans and took first place with a 209  (210 is a perfect score).  Getting the picture with Brooke is always a struggle at the end of a long day.  Plus I spend so much time getting her to look at me that she never wants to look out at the camera.  I guess that's a good thing.  Here we are with judge, Linda Sperco.

We weren’t able to enter Sawyer in 2A since we already have two qualifying legs under Linda so he was in 1B and earned his 7th Q towards his Level 1 championship with a 206. Not bad for a dog that’s been sleep walking all week in classes due to hormone overload at home.

I was exhausted by the time I got home and was trying to relax in the yard.  It was way too hot to sit on the deck in the sun so I tried to sit out in the yard in the shade.  Everyone else thought that was a good idea as well.  Nothing says cool like 4 dogs panting on you. :( 
From left to right: Sawyer, Sharon, Brooke & Tiki.

Tiki wanted to get up on the chair as well....

and then sat on me...guess I'm comfortable.

Sunday was the CDSP Obedience trials.  St. Hubert's hosted two trials today.  While we didn’t qualify in Open, Brooke had 2 very nice runs with the exception of not returning over the high jump with her dumbbell…twice. We did much better in Novice C. Brooke earned her 2nd and 3rd qualifying legs towards her Novice Championship with 3rd place finishes and High Scoring Veteran in the morning trial. Here we are with judge, Natalene Lamming.

Sawyer was in a run-off for his first qualifying leg towards his Novice Championship and took 1st place and our very first High in Trial (HIT)!! 

That was enough for Sawyer…in the afternoon trial he strolled to the bar jump on the recall, peered over the bar, and then went around the jump to complete the recall. Oh well, guess one run, a run-off and the excitement of HIT was enough for him for one day.  Wish I had that run on video though, it was very funny from my vantage point.

All in all it was a very successful weekend and we came home with lots of pretty ribbons.