Sunday, April 17, 2011

Harrisburg shows / flood

April 16, 2011.  This was supposed to be a full weekend of dog showing.  Karey came over with Ruby to go on her first dog show weekend road trip.  What a fun weekend it was going to be. 

Karey and Ruby arrived Friday night and went to my agility class with Sawyer.  We would leave in the morning for Harrisburg since we had a late judging time. 

Sawyer is learning the teeter.

When we left NJ on Saturday morning it was not raining.  As we got closer to Harrisburg the weather got worse.  It was a pretty wet and miserable day.  We made our way to the building through lots of puddles and the dogs were soaking wet.  Sawyer went Best of Opposite Sex, then I ran over to help Bobbie with her dogs in another ring.  Airy did go Winners Bitch so I took her in for Best of Winners while Bobbie had Maestro in Best of Breed.  Airy went Best of Winners for another point!  Then I ran over to Obedience hoping to catch my friend Steve's Beginner Novice run.  Luckily I made it in time to see a beautiful run and 2nd place finish for Steve and Jazz. 

There was a match show planned in the evening after Best in Show so we were going to enter Ruby to get her more ring experience.  It was raining pretty heavily as we drove up to the building around 5:15pm.  We were inside for about 20 minutes when the announcements started to move vehicles because the river behind the complex was overflowing.  I went out to move my car and the water was at least mid way up the tires!  There were just some puddles when I parked, how could this happen so quickly??  So as I stood on the stairs looking out into the river I had no choice but to take off my slip on rain shoes (not really helpful in 3 feet of water), take off my knees highs, roll up my pants (yes I was still in my show clothes), put my shoes back on and waded out to my car.  I moved it to another location and went back inside tell everyone else.  As the river continued to rise I had to move my car again.  The water was even higher and I had to walk out into the road to see just how high it was so I could determine if the car would make it.  The water was freezing!  It was high but it was now or never.  Thank goodness I was able to maneuver the car through the water and make it back to the motor homes.  Then it was back to the building to tell everyone to forget the match, we had to evacuate. 

This is the parking lot behind the building.

The river just rose so fast.

What a great experience.

A few hours later the water rose past the loading dock and into the building.  The shows were canceled for the rest of the weekend.

 What a great first time dog show trip for Karey...not!  I hope this didn't scare her off.

We had already settled into the hotel room when we heard the shows were canceled.  So we'd get a good night's rest and head home in the morning.

Ruby and Daisy made themselves comfortable on the bed.

Daisy stretched out on the bed.  Good thing she's still little.

Ruby and Sawyer take over Karey's bed.

It was a long day for everyone.

Daisy got plenty of rest so she was up watching a little TV before bed.

My tired man.

 Good night Sawyer.

And after all this craziness I did not come home and rest on Sunday.  I found there was an obedience match show being held locally so Sawyer and I ran over there in the afternoon to do a few Novice run-thrus.  After all, we need to get ready for Nationals :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GSWC Hunt Test

April 10, 2010.  Today was the Garden State Weimaraner Club Spring Hunt Test.  It was a little cloudy and chily but great hunting weather for the dogs.  Since we're just starting training for Senior Hunter with Sawyer, I didn't have anything entered but went to help out and take photos. 

Prada earned her first Junior Hunter leg the day before so now she was a seasoned pro in the field ;)

Prada finding those birds.

Prada on point.

Prada and Nadine.

Prada was very excited to run in the field.

 Prada's 2nd JH leg.  Two down, two more to go!

Daisy came with us for the day so she got an introduction to birds as well.

She got the hang of retreiving right away.

It was a great day but really prompted me to start my research for a new camera.  I've been thinking about it for awhile so hopefully next year I'll be able to get some more action shots for the club.

Ruby's Vacation / Edison shows

March 22, 2011.  Ruby has been with us for a few weeks while her family is on vacation.

Daisy playing with a toy so new I didn't even get to take the tag off.

Ruby did great with Daisy, which was great practice since she is going to have a new Dobie puppy brother when she goes home. 

Daisy's attacks did not deter Ruby from sucking on her woobie.

March 24, 2011.  Tonight was the Non-Sporting specialty in Edison.  Since I have Sporting dogs you're wondering why I would be in attendence.  I went to support friends and possibly help out with the Lhasas.  As it turns out Airy went WB and I took her in for Best of Winners.  This was her 2nd major.  Maestro went Best of Breed but I felt a more experienced handler should take him in for the group and this turned out to be a good decision as he got a Group 4 with Jerry handling him.  Pat had her Tibbie, Halle in the Bred By Exhibitor group and also took 4th place.  I was a long but good night for all!

March 25, 2011.  First of three days of showing in Edison.  Ruby was Reserve Winners Bitch and Sawyer was Select Dog. 

March 26, 2011.  This was a repeat for Ruby going RWB.

March 27, 2011.  Today Ruby went Winners Bitch for her first point!  This was an even greater success given her mom was ringside.  I thought that would be very distracting for Ruby having her family there after being away 2 weeks but she did really well.  Sawyer went Select Dog again.  Later in the day I helped Bobbie again and Airy went Best of Opposite Sex for her 3rd major.  She only needs 3 more points to finish.

Ruby's first point. (I finally got the picture)

Bobbie bought Sawyer a toy as thanks for me helping out with Airy.
I think he likes it!  And Sharon wishes she had one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

York show weekend

March 18, 2011.  Off to York, PA for three days of showing.  Ruby showed well for not having been in the ring since December.  I got lots of nice compliments on her.

Funny looking Weims?  No, that's Bobbie's Lhasa Apsos.  She stopped by for dinner on Friday night.  Saturday I'll be on stand by if Bobbie needs me to help with her dogs.  This is very new and different for me since these dogs are obviously much smaller than Weims, have a lovely coat and will require me to hold a brush in the ring...yikes!  Airy is a 13 month old who is on a winning streak and Maestro is an accomplished special working towards his Grand Championship. 

Daisy is pooped from her first road trip and also playing with Melissa's son, Tyler all day. 

I think Daisy is outgrowing the puppy bed.

Today was the night before the 'super moon', which is the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1993.  Hope to get a better picture tomorrow night.

March 19, 2011.  Before Weims went on, Lhasas were in the ring.  Airy went Winners Bitch so I had to take her back in the ring.  We went Best of Winners for her first major.  Ruby is doing better but no wins today.  The point of the weekend is to get some ring experience and have fun.  Sawyer went Select Dog and his little sister, Prada went Select Bitch. 

Daisy got to spend the day with Tyler. 
Have you seen a cuter picture?

I didn't do much better with the super moon tonight.  Oh well, perhaps in 20 years I'll catch the next one.

March 20, 2011.  Ruby won her class today and that was all...but that's progress.

Daisy finds a snuggly spot on a sleeping bag.

Daisy plays with Wallace.

Daisy: Seven weeks

March 13, 2001.  Daisy was seven weeks old yesterday.  We started crate training her this weekend and she's doing great.  Next weekend we'll be away for a show so better to get started now. 

She still loves her Snuggle Kitty.

Got something on your nose.

Daisy enjoying the big dog bed.

Scott's parents came to visit.  They didn't get to see Daisy yet.

Ruby is also staying with us for a few weeks while her family is in FL.

Whatcha got there?

Don't you want to share?

It sure smells good.

Did you leave anything for me?

Daisy: Six Weeks

March 5, 2011.  Daisy is six weeks old this weekend.  Time is just flying by.  She's doing great and has an awesome temperament. 

Having fun with Snuggle Kitty.

Daisy: Five weeks and SHDSC Dinner

February 26, 2011.  Daisy is five weeks old today.  I just love this age.

February 27, 2011.  Tonight was the St. Hubert's Dog Sports Club annual awards dinner.  What a great night to celebrate all of the wonderful accomplishments of all the club members. 

I had the honor of helping to present the evening's awards.  

We had a lot of recognition and it made me realize just how much we did in 2010. 

We got the following title awards for Sawyer:  AKC RN, AKC RA, APDT RL2, CDSP CD-H, AKC JH, WCA NSD, WCA NRD, WCA V, AKC GCH, CKC CH, and UKC CH.

Brooke received title awards for: AKC CD, APDT ARCHX, APDT RL2, and APDT RLV.

We also recognized Coco's AKC CH out of the Bred by Exhibitor class.

Sawyer won the following statistical awards:
Obedience: Highest Avg Score and Most Placements in AKC Beg Novice A; Highest Avg Score in CDSP Novice C and most HIT in CDSP.
Rally:  Most Placements in AKC RA; Highest Avg Score and Most Placements in APDT Level 2A and Highest Avg Score in APDT Level 2B.
Conformation: Most UKC Best of Breed, Group Placements and Best in Shows

Brooke won the following statistical awards:
Obedience: Most AKC HIT, Highest Avg Score and Most Placements in AKC Novice A, and Highest Avg Score CDSP Open A.
Rally: Highest Avg Score and Most Placements in APDT Veteran Level A

There were also National Rankings.  Brooke was #14 in ADPT RLV and #10 in CDSP Novice C.  Sawyer was #5 Breed in UKC.

I was shocked to be named the winner of the Nancy Hufnail award.  This honorary award is given each year to the club member who demonstrates the club's mission of promoting dog sports. 

I went home with lots of loot :)

DVWC Agility Fun Day

February 26, 2011.  The Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club hosted an Agility Fun Day so Sawyer and I took a ride to participate since agility is something I do want to get engaged in again.  We had a great time and it motivated us to sign up for agility classes.

Sawyer quickly became reacquainted with the equipment.

The teeter is not his favorite...yet.

He loved the A-frame.

He goes flying over it.

We were able to do a short sequence at the end...well sort of. 
We got stuck on the weave poles.

Sue Baker

Sue Ramspacher

Carole Richards

Kim Petri

We had a few other breeds attend the event.