Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Canada - Long Sault 2011 Day 1

August 26, 2011. We started a four day circuit in Long Sault, Canada. There are lots of showing opportunities with four all breed shows and two specialties. Daisy made she debut here. She’s only 7 months old as is still growing into those long legs of hers. She didn’t do too bad her first time in the ring but I obviously need for her to mature a little before entering lots of shows.

Pat and Kevin were also up in Canada so we got to see them at the shows each day. They were the only two Tibbies entered so at least one of their own dogs was getting a point each day.

Carol was also in Canada with her puppy Loui. Daisy and Loui played together in May at Nationals.
I think I remember you, but you look bigger.

Oh yeah, I remember how much fun we had! 

Who's mouth is bigger? 

Dude is wondering what those stupid kids are doing.

Sawyer and Daisy hung out together in the expen enjoying the beautiful weather.
I felt slightly guilty enjoying the gorgeous weather as everyone at home was preparing for hurricane Irene.

There was a match show in the evening so I entered Daisy to work on her movement. I tried a different collar but that seemed to be worse. Oh well, we’ll have to experiment until we get it right.

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