Sunday, January 9, 2011

Football Weekend

January 8-9, 2011.  NFL Playoffs, the season is winding down so we have to take advantage of any time we can watching football with the family. 

Everyone shows their team support.  Sharon cheered the Jets onto victory.

Brooke doesn't look as excited to wear the hat but she was very pleased when the Jets won!

Brooke had to look away when Michael Vick and the Eagles were on.

She couldn't bare to watch when there was a chance they would come from behind.

Phew!  The Eagles lost and Greenbay was victorious!!

Outside the deer could care less about the football games and were enjoying the peacefulness while the dogs were in the house.

Tiki Visit

January 8, 2011.  Since we were going to be in the area, Petrina and Kim invited us over to visit Tiki.  I'm happy to report he's doing wonderfully. 

He showed off his obedience skills: sit, down, and stay. Apparently his stays are awesome.

I brought some toys for all the kids and apparently Tiki liked his gift because he kept it in his mouth the entire time we were there.

He even started to fall asleep with it.

First snow of the year

January 6, 2011.  My camera arrived back from Cannon today, all repaired and ready to go. 

I had to test the camera to make sure it worked, so what better subjects than my office mates.

January 7, 2011.  We had our first snow of the new year, on top of the two feet from last year.  Luckily it was only a few inches this time.  The dogs do enjoy playing out in the snow and now that I have the camera back I was able to get some good shots.

Sharon says 'Hurry up mom, let's go!"

Sawyer close up with snowflakes.

Brooke checking the perimeter of the yard.

Sawyer and Sharon stand in the same pose while waiting for me to throw the ball.

Just throw it already!

Sharon's done and ready to go in.

Starting off the New Year

January 1, 2011.  Happy New Year!  Today we had a visit from Abby.  Since my camera was out for repair we only had my video camera to shoot the fun in the snow. 

January 2, 2011.  Perhaps we should have done some more practicing than playing in the snow.  Brooke had her first CDSP Obedience trial of 2011 and did wonderfully...for the first 5 exercises.  Unfortunately there are 6.  Hopefully this isn't a sign of how the year will go.