Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daisy's TV Opinion

April 4, 2012.  We had our friend Francine over for dinner, we were finishing up and Daisy was in the den barking.  Of course we went to see what was wrong and she was just barking at the TV.  She had never done this before.  It's not unusual, dogs do this all the time when they see something on TV.  The odd part was that there wasn't a show actually on the TV.  Scott was going to watch Raising Hope and had paused the TV.  Something caught Daisy's eye that just didn't sit well with her.

Retrieving Workshop

April 3, 2012.  Yes, retrieving!  As of September 2011, Weimaraners are eligible to compete in the AKC Retrieving Hunt Tests.  The Weimaraner Club of America already had a Retrieving Ratings test so have recognized the versatility of this wonderful breed.  Sawyer does already have his Novice Retrieving Dog (NRD) title from the WCA and there is a component of retrieving in the AKC Pointing Hunt Test so this is not too unfamiliar to Sawyer.  However, this was a new environment and new procedures that Sawyer and I needed to learn, along with a whole new vocabulary. 

My first clue that we were a bit out of place happened right away.  When participating in Pointing tests, handlers are required to wear blaze orange for safety.  So of course I showed up in my blaze orange t-shirt and quickly noticed everyone else was dressed in camouflage!  Doh!!

I did get to wear my cute new boots.

Our first retrieve wasn't very successful.  In this sport they use a duck call and then throw the duck for the retrieve.  During this practice the duck call was sounded and Sawyer pointed.  Then when I sent him out for the bumper, Sawyer started hunting for a duck.  He bypassed the bumper and kept looking for the bird.  So I took him aside and threw the bumper a few times until he understood that was what he was supposed to be looking for and retrieving. 

He got it and even delivered the bumper to hand.

He had to learn to work around the decoys, which he's never seen on a land retrieve.

He was an honorary retriever for the day, or as our trainer, Linda, called him a Weimtriever!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DVWC Agility Fun Day

March 31, 2012.  Today was the Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club Agility Fun Day.  I was really looking forward to taking both Sawyer and Daisy this year as they both enjoy agility so much, especially Daisy.  Unfortunately Daisy came into season and couldn't join us so Sawyer and I made the trip down to Delaware to spend the day with friends practicing both agility and rally.  This was also a perfect opportunity to continue working on my indoor action photos. 

Thanks to Carole Richards for taking photos of Sawyer and I.  He really enjoyed himself!

We even practiced some stays after learning the new Rally signs.

Tibbie Puppies

March 21, 2012.  I was called to help my friend Pat whelp a litter of Tibetan Spaniel puppies.  One girl had already arrived when Pat called me.  I jumped in the car and went over there but by the time I arrived, a second girl was delivered. 

Pat was expecting 3 puppies so while we waited for the last one, the girls waited in a heated box.

Well they were supposed to wait in the box but the girls kept trying to get out. At one point one of the girls got completely out of the box!
Number three finally arrived, a boy!

Mom, Nanette had 3 puppies as expected, two girls and one boy.  All the pups weighed 8oz, which is so much smaller than the Weimaraner puppies I'm used to.  All the pups are eating, growing and doing great!

Reily Party

March 17, 2012.  Tonight we took a break from dog activities to celebrate with our good friends, the Reily's.  Today was Scott's 40th birthday and we were also celebrating an anniversary for he and Erin.  It was great to see old friends and spend some time catching up.  Erin was busy hosting so I took some pictures for her.

What a wonderful tower of cupcakes.

Beautiful cake with of course, a St. Patty's Day theme.

My husband, Scott and our friend Mike.  His lovely wife, Lauren, was traveling out of the country on business so we missed seeing her.

Our good friends Sean and Lynn, that we haven't seen in a long time, along with Glen.

New mom, Kim, Chrissy who had her second beautiful girl recently, and Helen (aka 'H').

The Cosmo twins, Lynn and Chrissy.

What's St. Patrick's day without a drink, surrounded by some table decorations.

The happy couple Erin and Scott after 20 years together, dancing to their wedding song.

Is this thing real??  Yep, looks like it.

The lovely Sharon and George.

Birthday boy Scott with Lynn and Sean.

The ladies: Sharon and myself in back; Ann, Siobhan and Helen in front.

Chris and Kerry.

Silly Glen!

Chrissy and Steve.

Lynn and me, so happy to see her!

Anniversary girl and hostess Erin with Steve, birthday boy, Scott and Chrissy.

Almost forgot to take a picture with the hubby!  Oops!

Restarting Our Hunt Test Training

March 15, 2012.  Today was our first time out this season for training for upcoming Hunt Tests.  Daisy didn't get to really start last fall so this will be fairly new to her.  Sawyer will be training for his Senior Hunt test exam.  Everything went very well.  I'm hopeful that Daisy will have no problem with the Junior Hunter test and Sawyer shows great potential for the advanced levels!

I only got to take a few shots of Daisy running around.  It's difficult to take photos while you're trying to work the dogs.  But I just love the fun on her face and the wind in her ears!!  You got to love the ears!