Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 39 - Circular eating and Hawaii Whale Watching

March 30, 2010.  The puppies have finally starting eating in a circle.  It was very odd that they hadn't eaten this way before but guess they are getting the hang of it.  Except for Girl Yellow, she's still diving over the top to get in there :)

We went whale watching today in Hawaii and were lucky enough to see so many whales and get a few good shots plus some video.  I'm posting just a short clip as there was so much movement on the boat I don't want to make anyone nauseous watching it. 

We went night snorkling with the Manta Rays.  It was a bit creepy getting into the dark water at first but there were plenty of lights and we were lucky to see three Manta Rays. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 38 - Dog door adventures and Hawaii

March 29, 2010. I received several pictures of the puppies from Nadine. 
Looks like the puppies are learning to use the dog door.

Girl Yellow would like to get up on the couch in the puppy room.

Boy Blue napping in the crate.

Girl Red enjoying a toy.

Hawaii is beautiful!  Today was our 'day of rest' after all the traveling we did yesterday.  We spent most of the day on the beach, a quick stop at the pool area and then a nice dinner.  We made it an early night since we're still adjusting to the time difference.

The hotel is beautiful and we have a lovely view of the ocean.

And the pool area.

The Scotts went snorkeling and then took out the water bikes.

Erin and I took a walk down the beach and saw a turtle laying out in the sun.

There are so many beautiful little coves with volcanic rock.

Tomorrow whale watching and night snorkling with manta rays!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


March 28, 2010.  We're off to Hawaii!  We've never been before so we're very excited to go although sad that we have to leave the doggies behind.  We said goodbye to the pups last night as they spend 2 weeks with Nadine.  Today we have to say goodbye to our big dogs.  I'm sure they're upset that we're leaving and hope they behave for their grandmas.

One last shot of me and my babies before we hit the road...well the skies actually.


Day 36 - Last day before vacation

March 27, 2010.  It's our last day home with the puppies before we leave for vacation.  They will be spending the time with the co-breeder, Nadine.  There's lots of fun planned for them, including a trip to a dog show.  When we dropped the puppies off we took our first set of stacked photos.  The pups are looking good but it's much too early to tell who will ultimately go to the show homes.  Unfortunately while copying the pictures over they were accidently moved instead so I have no access to the photos I took today except for one I uploaded onto the blog as an example, one video I already uploaded to youtube and the few we took as we were leaving :(

I thought this was a cute video of the puppies waking from a nap.  Apparently they weren't quite ready to get up yet.

Here is Scott with a lap full of puppies.  Enjoying a group hug before we leave for the puppy's trip to South Jersey.

Here's Boy Blue doing his bat impression while he sleeps.

Girl Purple gets in one last snuggle with Scott before we leave.

Giving Girl Orange one last hug before we leave.  It's hard to leave these cuties!

Girl Pink sleeping in the crate.  It looks like she's waving goodbye...or is it Aloha?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 35 - 5 weeks old!

March 26, 2010.  The pups were just waking up from a nap so they were sleepy and not all were in the mode to pose for their weekly photo.  They now all have their 'big dog' collars on.

Girl Pink

Girl Red

Girl Yellow

Girl Purple

Girl Orange

Boy Blue

Day 34 - More Active Puppies and Rally Trial

March 25, 2010. 
I like to call this the 'food coma' after they've all stuffed their little faces.

Boy Blue and Girl Red snuggle, how cute!

Girl Yellow snuggles with her toy.

Sawyer crashes the puppies' dinner party.

Girl Orange had fun after the long puppy nap.

Tonight I attended the Non-Sporting Group Club of NJ Rally Trial.  There was a high combined trophy for Advanced and Excellent Rally in honor of my friend Bobbie Wood's wonderful dog Aleck who passed away last year.  He was a super dog and he and Bobbie made a great team.  As you can see from the trophy he had tons of titles.

Fellow St. Hubert's club member and friend Sandy Mainardi and her toy poodle, Baci won the trophy!  Here she is accepting the award from Bobbie along with judge Lynn Currie.

We were able to get a group photo with Sandy and the trophy sponsors who were able to make it the show.

Sawyer earned his second AKC Rally Novice leg, one more for his title!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 33 - Stampede!

March 24, 2010.  These puppies love to eat.  A simple tap on the puppy bowl and they come running from all over.

Boy Blue is enjoying some time away from the girls.

Girl Yellow wanders in and checks out the crate.

Then Girls Pink and Red take a nap in the crate.

Blue, Orange, and Red enjoy a little wrestling.

Day 32 - Another day indoors

March 23, 2010.  Just when we getting used to the lovely Spring weather from the weekend, it was another dreary day in NJ.  But that didn't stop the puppies from having fun.  They love climbing out of the whelping box, running through the kitchen, under the table, on the Kuranda bed, in the crate, through the's a puppy playground. 

Here the pups are making their own version of bunk beds. 

They are quite capable of getting out of the box themselves.

They also enjoyed their new bed, which they all fit comfortably in....for now.

Girl Pink and Boy Blue want to play with big brother Sawyer.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 31 - Indoor fun

March 22, 2010.  The raining weather kept the pups inside today but that didn't stop them from exploring and having fun.

Girl Orange seemed to like the raised Kuranda bed.

All the pups seem to like the shelves in the kitchen.  Girl Red stops here for a quick nap.

Girl Purple is scoping out where she wants to run off to next.

Eating is always chaotic.   There's no order for these pups, just jump in anywhere you can, even it if it's from the top.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 30 - More visitors and Daughtry concert

March 21, 2010.  It was another beautiful day.  Karey came back to visit the girls and my friend Andrea, came by to see the puppies for the first time. Here she is with Girl Yellow.

Andrea brought wonderful toys for the puppies to play with.  Here is Girl Red enjoying one of the new toys.

This bed seemed way bigger a week ago but the puppies are still trying to squeeze into when it's really built for one at this point.

Girl Yellow perched herself on Karey's shoe.

Orange tried to catch some shade behind Scott's back.

The boys were pretty tired and needed an afternoon nap.

My friend Erin and I went to the Daughtry concert in the evening.  Here we are posing for our self portraits.

We were in the 7th row so it was pretty cool to be that close!

I got some pretty good video but the sound quality was horrible on most of them...bummer!  I did get Erin's favorite song of the night.  The Peter Gabiel cover: