Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canada – Day 4, All Breed Show

August 30, 2010. Today was the last day of the circuit. Everyone is tired, it’s pretty hot, and having a judging time of 11:45am doesn’t help. But everyone showed well.

Dude and Hula waiting patiently with Barb ringside for their turn while Prada was in the ring.

Prada still moved nicely after four days of showing with 8 shows in total for her, including Sweeps. Not bad for a baby.

It was close for Sawyer but Dude won the Breed again. 5 out of 6 shows this weekend, go Dude!

Dude says “Look at all the ribbons I won this weekend!”

Here’s how he won them…look at that stack.

Later in the afternoon I watched my friends’ Pat & Kevin’s Tibbie, Kelso.

After that they took us for a ride to their campsite to see the Tibbie puppies. There are two litters, a set of 5 and a set of 2.

These are the older puppies, they are 9 weeks old.

These two boys are 7 weeks old.

This one was my favorite. He had such a cute face and what a personality!

Guess the showing finally caught up with Prada as she passed out in her crate tonight. with her face pressed against the door.

We were right on the St. Lawrence river so I wanted to take advantage of the scenery so I had Sawyer pose by the river. He’s a handsome boy and I’m proud of how he showed this weekend! What a great trip!!

Sawyer's official photo for his Canadian Championship.  I'm so glad it came out nice.


Canada – Day 3, All Breed Show and Pointing Dog Specialty

August 29, 2010. This morning started out early with Pointing Dog Puppy Sweepstakes.

Prada had to get up early because sweeps started at 8am. She was trying to get in a few more ZZZs ringside.

Prada is moving better each day.

Prada took 2nd place in her puppy sweeps class this morning.

Prada and Hula were playing ringside inbetween the classes. Prada looks like a killer but they were having fun!

Hula looked really nice both stacked and moving. She is really maturing.

Hula won her puppy class in Sweeps.  It was a nice win since it was such a large class.

Both Prada and Hula won their classes today and Dude went Best in Breed in the All-Breed show.  The All-Breed show group will be up first then off to the Pointing Dog specialty later in the afternoon.

Dude in the All-Breed Sporting Group.

Dude is on a roll.  He won the breed again at the Pointing Dog specialty.

Sawyer says all this showing leaves me hot and tired.  Hang in there Sawyer, one more show to go tomorrow!

Sawyer is waiting for his friends to return so he can play.

Sawyer and Prada playing.

Tonight the dogs had a Frosty Paw party to celebrate all the accomplishments this weekend!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Canada - Day 2, All Breed Show and WAC Nationals

August 28, 2010. Two shows today, the all breed show and then later the Weimaraner Association of Canada (WAC) Nationals event. First up, the all breed show.

Sawyer took Winners Dog again today.

These were the last points he needed for his Canadian Championship!

It was a busy day with lots of dogs to show.

Prada’s getting the hang of this showing stuff.

And being the Dude daughter that she is, there has to be a shot with her tongue sticking out.

Since both Prada and Hula won their classes, I had to take Hula back in for Winners. Neither won but both showed nicely. Hula is easy to work with.

Dude won the breed again today; the group will be later in the afternoon after the specialty.

Dude loves Nadine, you can just see it in his eyes.

The afternoon was the WAC Nationals. Sawyer was moved up as a special since he finished in the morning show.
Prada and Hula were in the Puppy Sweepstakes. Hula won Best Puppy in Sweeps!

Hula, also a Dude daughter so of course she has to stick her tongue out while moving.

She does also move nicely without the tongue sticking out.

Prada in the WAC puppy class.

Long haired Weims are recognized in Canada and there was one entered in today’s show.

I loaned Sawyer out to Haley, a Junior handler, today so she could compete in the Junior competition.

They did great together and Haley won!

Dude in the group with his signature tongue sticking out. He made the cut in the group today but no placement.

Barb had another banner day with Desi.  He qualified both trials today and earned his Rally Advanced title, all with placements, two 1st Places and one 2nd Place.  He was also High in Trial in Rally for the day!  Way to go Barb and Desi!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Canada - Day 1, All Breed Show

August 27, 2010. Today was the first day of showing in Canada. I started the day off accompanying Barb to Rally with Desi. It was supposed to start at 8:30am but was slow going and we had to wait quite awhile for Advanced to start.

Desi waiting patiently in the car.

Barb and Desi, burning up the rally course.

Barb and Desi did wonderfully with an almost perfect score and 1st place!!

We had some time before our judging time so it really nice to have some down time. Sawyer is still in the classes in Canada so I'm really hoping to finish his Canadian Championship this weekend. He came here with 5 of the 10 points needed. Many thanks to my friend Denise who took photos for us while I was in the ring!

Sawyer on the move. He took Winner’s Dog.

Prada making her Canadian debut. She just turned 6 months old last week.

Prada moved nicely and took 2nd in her class.  I love Prada’s ears in this picture.

Next up was Hula, another Dude daughter, bred and owned by Barb.

Sawyer ended up with Best of Winners and another 4 points. Only 1 more to go!

Dude won the breed and went on to take 2nd place in the group.

My friends Pat & Kevin are here with their Tibbie, Kelso. Kevin does a great job showing Kelso. He finished early in AKC from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.

The good thing about Canada is that you get to see the photos right away and purchase the photos on site.  Pat was taking photos while we were posing so hopefully this is the preview of some good shots.

Dude’s unofficial winning photo.

Sawyer’s unofficial winning photo.

Then it was Kelso’s turn to go into the group.

Kelso getting some lovin’ from Pat after the group

Dude and Prada obviously had a hard day.  Better rest up because there's two shows tomorrow.

I forgot my camera back at the motor home when we went to visit friends this evening so I’ll have to remember the camera tomorrow so I can get some more people pictures.