Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harrisburg Day 3 - rain but no floods

August 14, 2011. Day 3 of Harrisburg. After the traffic issue yesterday, Pat and I left earlier even though our ring times were later. This was day three of conformation and another try at Novice obedience. The breed ring was first again and today we did take the Breed!

Then we literally ran to obedience. This time we were there before our start time so we didn’t have to move our run order, but we were up first. That’s nerve wracking because I like to watch a couple of teams do the heeling pattern so I’m more familiar with it.

Sawyer’s heeling wasn’t as good today but he stayed with me for the most part.

And he's always excited to get back to me during the recall.

We had to wait for half the class to finish before they did the first set of stays. Since Sawyer was first he was first up, he was also first in line for stays so there was only one dog next to him again. There didn’t seem to be as many dogs that qualified who were in for the stays so there was a little more room.

Sawyer seemed more relaxed today and was not panting. Perhaps I was slightly more relaxed and that affected him?

He made it through the sit and down stays without a problem and we were thrilled to have another qualifying leg. We had to wait for the second half of the class to get our score and ribbons. As it turned out Sawyer got a better score than yesterday and another 3rd place finish!

Two down and one more to go for his CD title. This judge, Barbara Doering was also extremely nice and we would definitely enter under her again.

While we waited for Tibbie judging to start, Aunt Pat was like the paparazzi with Sawyer. She thinks he’s so handsome so was taking lots of pictures of him.

Ok, Aunt Pat that’s enough now.

Breed ring plus obedience makes Sawyer a very tired boy.

Pat talked me into getting Sawyer’s picture taken yesterday so we went to pick up the photo today. He is a handsome man!

Next up was Tibbies. Pat didn’t get the major she needed on Halle but Alice took the Breed. Now we both needed to wait for the groups. Non-Sporting was first, then Sporting. Sawyer didn’t get any placements but there were lots of professional handlers in the ring and the competition is tough.

Is Sawyer hiding from the camera?

He showed well and that's all I ever ask for.


  1. Great shots of him. Really like the effect in the stacked shot at the top of the post. WTG, one more leg for that CD!