Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WCA Nationals Photos

June 30, 2010.  I finally have all the professional photos from the Weimaraner Club of America National events.

Saturday, May 15, 2010.  Sharon earned her first Junior Hunter (JH) qualifying leg.

Sunday, May 16, 2010.  Sawyer earned his WCA Novice Shooting Dog (NSD) title.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Sawyer during the Best in Breed competition.

and earning his Rally Novice (RN) title with 2nd place ribbon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010.  Sawyer during the WCA Maturity competition.

and Sawyer earning his first qualifying leg in Rally Advanced with a 1st place finish.

Friday, May 21, 2010.  Sawyer during the Best in Breed competition.

Look at this face!  I was very happy with Sawyer that week and proud of myself for showing him.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiki - Week 3

June 28, 2010.  Tiki has been back 3 weeks...can it be that long already?  He looks great!!  He looks like a regular Weimaraner now.  He's gained 4 more pounds this week and he's up to 76.4 pounds!  Time to start cutting back to regular meals.

Tiki is enjoying spending time with Scott.  I think the couch is a favorite place to be for both of them.

Tiki snoozes on the couch often, mostly with his head hanging off and snoring.  Too bad those other dogs, whose nails need to be clipped, keep waking him up. :)

It is hard for Scott to work on the computer with a big Weimaraner head on  your arm.  I know, Sawyer does the same thing to me when I'm working in the office. 

Tiki just loves playing catch with tennis balls.  He's learning to come back and release the ball in order to get another one.  But he is struggling with problem of trying to fit both tennis balls in his mouth.  He hasn't quite mastered that yet but he keeps trying.  We'll have to have his sister Coco over to show him how, she has mastered that skill.

Tiki had a grand time running in the yard with his mom, Sharon. 

Sawyer is a bit preoccupied by his mother's current status.  At least in this video the whining hadn't started yet.

Wyatt's visit

June 27, 2010.  Wyatt (formerly Newman) came to visit today.  He's doing very well and is so much bigger.  He's almost 40 lbs now!

He had fun with his big brothers running around the yard: Wyatt, Sawyer, and Tiki

Tiki was more interested in his tennis ball.  Notice it's in his mouth constantly.

We tried to do some stacking, we didn't get too many great photos.  He seems to be developing nicely and can't wait to get him and his siblings in the show ring.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tiki - 2 weeks back

June 21, 2010.  It's been two weeks since we got Tiki back and he's been a pure joy to have around.  He is the happiest dog and wags his tail every time he hears his name.  I took him back to the vet office today for a quick weigh-in and I'm very happy to report he's gained almost 7 more pounds!  He's up to 72.2 lbs and really looking so much better.  I couldn't have been more pleased when I saw the scale!

Now if we could only do something about this big growth in his mouth...

...oh wait that's a tennis ball! :)

Tiki just loves the tennis ball.

Looks like Sawyer has the same tennis ball infection too and Sharon is waiting in the background to catch it.

Sharon doesn't hold onto the tennis balls like the boys do.  Which is much better for me because then it's not all slobbery.

All of them just love running to get the tennis ball...getting it back is the harder part, but not impossible.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruby's visit

June 12, 2010.  Karey and Ruby came to visit today and it was a wonderful day with lots of Weims.  I had to get the camera out and take lots of pictures.

Ruby posed right away for me in the yard.  She's one of our show pups so she'll need to get used to posing in the ring.

Ruby joined Brooke on the top step where she normally sits to observe the yard.

The stairs are THE place to be.

Tiki keeps finding sticks in the yard and they keep getting bigger.

Ruby thought this one was big enough to share.

Ruby was starting to stalk someone to initiate play in this photo.

Ruby was showing off her tricks.  She can give paw and speak!

We did a little stacking demonstration so Ruby can start to practice at home.

We even got her on the happy legs.

My dogs loved Karey's visit.  She had delicious treats and they were quite the beggars.

Hello up there says Miss Ruby.

Ruby made herself at home up on the deck chair.

So we tried to get a mother daughter photo.  Too bad it wasn't with their eyes open.

The family portrait: Brother Sawyer, Mom Sharon, Sister Ruby, Aunt Brooke and Brother Tiki.

Ruby and big brother, Tiki.

Tiki's close up.

After all the excitement today, Tiki relaxed on the deck with his woobie.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bruno and Sawyer - Silly Siblings

June 11, 2010.  I received some updated videos and pictures of Bruno from his owner, Debbie, today.  Bruno is one of Sawyer's littermates.

Apparently Bruno loves the water.  Here he is splashing at the beach.  What a great retrieve!

I think Bruno looks just like Sawyer.

Here is silly upsidedown Bruno.

Sawyer can be silly too.  Here he is with the half eaten tennisball on his nose.  He looks like a clown!

It's funny how all Weims love to suck on their woobies.  Here's Bruno with his.

Bruno also likes good music, who doesn't?

And it wouldn't be a Dude puppy if we didn't have a photo with his tounge sticking out.  Very cute Bruno!

I had the two Kuranda beds out thinking Brooke might want to lay on the smaller one that I had used for the puppies.  But big Sawyer decided to plop down on that one even though the large one was available.  Silly boy!

The patients

June 10, 2010.  Both patients are doing well.  Scott had his surgery on Monday and came home from the hospital on Tuesday evening.  I was able to finally get my new car on Tuesday morning so I could pick him up in style :)

Scott was able to eat something the second night he was home.  Tiki patiently waited for his share.

Like mother like son, both optimistic that there will be something left for them.

Tiki loves the Nylabone

and sticks

I think he's fitting right in and is very comfortable in our home.

The boys, recuperating together.

Our friends, Steve & Ann, came by to visit Scott.  Tiki made more new friends by cuddling with both of them.  He is just a sweet, loving dog.

Lots of excitment for the evening, equals one tired Tiki.

Tiki the cuddle bug!