Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Canada - Long Sault 2011 Day 3

August 28, 2011. Show day 3 in Canada. Today was a bit cooler and the forecast was for rain. I guess hurricane Irene was making her way north after all.

We started the day with the Pointing Dog Specialty. Daisy was in the puppy sweeps and took 3rd out of 4…yeah, we finally had some success. I think the judge liked her stacked but was amused by her long legs and the impact on her movement.

We were able to watch Pat and Kevin before the rain started.
Alice and Halle looked great in the ring but Alice took the breed today. She is the more experienced show girl.

Since it poured the whole day, it was not appropriate to have the camera out so we didn’t get any other pictures. Sawyer whacked his back on the RV closet door the night before and I could feel the impact on his movement. I’m sure the damp weather didn’t help. So no ribbons for Sawyer today but we're still riding high on the specialty win so that's ok. 

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