Sunday, April 25, 2010

Successful Hunt Test Weekend

April 24 - 25, 2010.  I am very happy to report that Sawyer successfully completed the last two legs for his Junior Hunter title!!  It was very nice to pass 4 out of our 4 tries.  His handler (me) needs a little work but luckily Sawyer knows exactly what he's doing.  He is now CH Ashbrooke Quantrels Tom Sawyer Islnd, RLP, RL1, CD-H, JH....can't wait to add more titles!

Saturday was very hot for hunting but Sawyer was a trooper and kept on hunting.  He found and pointed lots of birds.  I attribute our lower scores to the judge that 'hates Weimaraners'.

Sunday was rainy and much cooler.  Sawyer did great and earned terrific scores.  9's in hunting, pointing and trainablity and an 8 in bird finding.  I almost wimped out because of the weather forecast but was glad I went.

Sawyer enjoys showing off all his ribbons.

Sawyer had fun playing with Newman when we got home.  A little game of tug, good thing Scott was on Newman's side.  Excuse the color of the video, I must have hit a wrong button on the camera.

Sawyer's dad, Dude, also had a great weekend.  He was entered in his first UKC conformation shows and took 5 Group 1's, a Reserve Best in Show and a Best in Show!  Finishing his UKC CH in one weekend!

Week 9

April 19 - 23, 2010.  The puppies are all doing well and adjusting to their new homes.  Newman is still here with us but is loving his time with his mom, Sharon, and big brother, Sawyer.

Sharon and Newman touching paws while sleeping.

Look at this face, Newman is so cute!

Newman and Sawyer are best buddies. 

Someday Newman will be just as big as Sawyer.

Newman enjoys tennis balls just like Sawyer. 

Newman also likes the toy that his owners bought him.  He got it once all the other pups left.

I think Ruby is feeling completely comfortable in her new home and snuggling with the kids.

Ruby also enjoys snuggling with her big sister Sage.

Miss Yada is also doing very well adjusting to her home filled with other Weims.  Her she is sleeping on her pink frog.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And then there was Newman

April 19, 2010.  Boy Blue, now Newman will be with me for a few more weeks.  His new owners are very anxious to have him but have some prior committments that will keep him with me for a little bit more.  Good thing he is so helpful around the house.

Monday evening we joined a Fun Foundations class offered by Blue Ribbon Dog Sports Coaching.  Linda Sperco is a great trainer and has help us prepare for all our obedience / rally competitions.  Linda offers this Fun Foundations class for puppies to learn the basics the right way from the beginning so they'll be prepared for their obedience careers.  The socialization and training for Newman was great as he'll also be another future show dog.  He was pretty tired after all that work.


April 18 - 19, 2010.  I drove to Harrisburg Sunday afternoon with Yada (Girl Orange), Newman (Boy Blue) and Coco (Sawyer's sister).

Newman and Yada are used to hanging out in the ex-pen from their first trip to the Syracuse shows.  I brought their Kuranda bed which they love to sit on.

It's all in the family at the show.  Dude is in the far background, then big sister Coco, along with new siblings Yada and Newman.  Of course I couldn't get them to all look at me at once.

Coco was shown on Monday and I'm very happy to report she went Best of Winners and earned her Championship title. She is now CH. Ashbrooke Quantrels Mad Tea Party.

I left Yada in Harrisburg with Nadine, co-breeder of the litter and new owner of Yada.  We're hoping Yada will follow in her dad's paw prints and be very successful in the show ring. 

Going Home

April 16 - 18, 2010  The puppies started going to their new homes.  While it's sad to see them go I know they will be loved and cared for in their new homes and all the families are very happy to have them.

Friday night Girl Red was the first to go.  She will now be called Molly and live with Justin and Amy, their sons Jacob and Lucas and big sister Weim Dakota.  Justin and Jacob came to pick up Molly and had a great new collar for her to match Dakota.

On Saturday, Girl Pink, now Abby, went home with Penny and Harold.  She has a future career in therapy work waiting for her. 

Saturday night I went to an obedience trial at my training club.  Both Sawyer and Brooke had some very small mistakes in their Novice and Open runs, respectively, which caused them to not qualify.  I was still very proud as they had excellent scores otherwise and performed better than I expected after being away for two weeks.  Brooke did redeem herself in the Novice class with a tie for 1st place.  After the run-off we came in 2nd but I was still very proud.

On Sunday morning Girl Yellow, now Ruby, was picked up by Karey.  Her husband Jeff was waiting at home to suprise the kids, Christian and Natalie, with their new puppy.  They are happy to report that Big Weim sister Sage is getting along with Ruby.  We'll see Ruby often as she will be a future show dog. 

Next to go was Girl Purple, now Xena, with Belinda and Ben and their children Dorian and Brielle.  Everyone was excited to add Xena to their loving home.

Sunday afternoon I headed out to Harrisburg....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 56 - 8 Weeks Old

April 16, 2010.  The puppies are 8 weeks old now.  The time went by so fast, look how big they are now....

Girl Pink (13.8 lbs)

Girl Red (13.5 lbs)

Girl Yellow (14.8 lbs)

Girl Purple (13.2 lbs)

Girl Orange (15.3 lbs)

Boy Blue (14.1 lbs)

Bizarro World

April 15, 2010.  Bizarro World is where everything is backwards.  Since this was referenced in an episode of Seinfeld and this was going to be our Seinfeld litter, it was quite funny that we had the exact opposite litter from the last: 5 girls and 1 boy this time; 5 boys and1 girl last time.  Today we did our final litter evaluations and I'm happy to introduce the latest Ashbrooke litter...

Queen of the Castle (Pink)

Festivus for the Restofus (Red)

No Soup for You (Yellow)

Del Boca Vista (Purple)

Yada Yada Yada (Orange)

Hello Newman (Blue)

Week 7 Pictures & Video

Week of April 12, 2010.  It's been a very busy week trying to catch up from vacation so I haven't been able to post as frequently.  This was the last full week that all the pups would be with us as they start to go to their new homes on Friday.

The pups really had fun when our neighbor, Alexandria, visited.  There was a lot of giggling as the puppies gave her lots of kisses.  It looks like they were attacking her but she was having a blast.

The puppies had lots of fun in their agility tunnel.

The puppies were very exhausted after all that play.  They were even snoring...I'm not exactly sure who the culprit was.

When the pups are inside they hang out in their crate.

Sometimes all the girls squeeze into the crate and leave the poor boy out on his own.

One last video of them all eating in a circle.  So cute!

They really enjoyed playing (and eating) all the sticks in the back yard.

Brooke preferred to stay up on the deck to escape the puppies.

Lots of wrestling for a toy and then they just left it.  Silly puppies.

Girl Pink in the yard...they really didn't stay still long enough to take too many photos.

Girl Purple stopped on the stairs to survey the yard.

Saywer playing with Girl Red

We were really lucky to have such great weather all week so that the puppies could enjoy so much time in the yard.

Even Sawyer and Sharon enjoyed playing in the yard with the pupppies

It's very exhausting to run in the yard.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hunt Test Weekend

April 10 - 11, 2010.  I entered Sawyer in our very first hunt tests this weekend.  He did a super job and had two qualifying legs.  He needs two more for his Junior Hunter title.

Saturday was the Pointer Club of Central NJ.  I was very nervous this being my first time out but everyone was very gracious about answering my questions and helping me out.  Sawyer did wonderfully, finding and pointing birds.  We even got to go out on a second run since the last dog didn't have a brace mate, so he got in some extra practice.  It was hard to get him to keep his eyes open for this photo, hunting is hard work :)

Sunday was the Garden State Weimaraner Club show.  Since Scott went to Atlantic City, I took the pups with me to the hunt test.  They had great fun hanging out in the ex-pen and got plenty of attention.  At one point there were chairs set up all around the ex-pen and it was like watching puppy tv.

Sawyer also qualified at this test too.  It was hotter on Sunday so he was tired but continued to hunt the entire time we were out there.