Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twin Brooks Weekend

July 17, 2011. This would be another busy weekend. As a club member there’s lots to do to help out with the show, plus on Saturday I’d be showing 3 breeds.

Up first was Vizslas. I helped out my friend Sarah and showed her bitch Rayne in the classes. We came in second but I think Rayne showed well. Sarah got to watch and take photos.

Next up were Tibbies. Pat and Kevin took the lead this time and I would take over for the group. My photographer Scott arrived in time to take photos so Nadine and I got to watch Tibbies.

Pat showed Halle in the classes. Then Kevin took over for Best of Winners while Pat took in John Henry for Best of Breed.

Molly, from our second litter, lives close by so came by to visit with owner, Justin.

Next up Weim judging. Today Sawyer was Best in Breed and Prada was Best of Opposite Sex.

Sharon also got in the ring today as this show offered a Veteran class.

Sawyer showed nicely in the Sporting Group but did not get a placement.

I still need to get his head up more.

I did better in the Non-Sporting Group with John Henry and got a Group 3 placement!

It was a great ending to a good day!

July 18, 2011

Another early start to another long day. Here’s my man sleeping while standing up, which is not uncommon as the people in my obedience class well know.

But look how handsome when he’s awake.

Sarah arrived at the show early to help hold my dogs since the only two Weim entries were mine. So Sawyer was Best of Breed and Sharon was Best Veteran.

Sarah braved the ring today and showed Rayne herself.

In the afternoon I made my second appearance in the Non-Sporting Group with John Henry.
We were thrilled to get another group placement...4th this time!

I had to have Sawyer waiting in the wings because the Sporting Group was up next. He was quite excited to see me.

He looked good again but no placements today.

I still love my mamma’s boy!

Next up was the Veteran Group and Sharon. There are no placements given in the Veteran Group, just Best Veteran.

She still flies around the ring and it’s hard to keep up with her.

Hopefully Sharon enjoyed herself and since there was food involved, I’m guessing she did.  Way to go Mamma!

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