Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot July Days

It's been a HOT July.
Poor Tiki, too hot to even enjoy his toys.

Perhaps it's cooler upside down.

Xena spends her summer days at the dog park 

Brie shows Xena how to use the agility equipment.

I think Brie is wearing her out.

Time out for a drink.

Xena, Beach Party babe!

Molly was very excited to hear we'd be at a show near her home.

Molly had a great time seeing her family at the show.  She had to stick out her tongue in honor of the Dude kids.

Coco enjoys a dip in the pool.

Ruby likes to sunbathe like her Aunt Brooke.

And Daisy just makes up her own indoor games...bad Daisy.

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