Tuesday, July 26, 2011

West Springfield Show Circuit

I’m loving the new camera. The up side is that it takes wonderful pictures, the down side it that it takes too many wonderful pictures so it takes a lot of time to go through them all.

July 7, 2011. I headed up to West Springfield, MA for four days of showing. We started the day early in the Weimaraner ring. Prada took Best of Breed and Sawyer was Best of Opposite.

Sawyer catches some ZZZ’s in the air conditioned motor home. He has a rough life.

July 8, 2011

Early ring time again. Today it was Judge’s Select for both Prada and Sawyer. I had planned on visiting Karey and Ruby since their summer home was close by but the weather did not cooperate. It rained on and off all day which was not good swimming weather. I was so looking forward to exposing Daisy to the water. I’ll have to get to that another time. So we hung around the show ring for most of the day.

I had never seen a Corded Poodle before but there was one showing this weekend. Very interesting.

Dude came in the building to hang ringside while we were waiting for Tibbies to be shown.

Pat showed Halle in the classes.

And look, me with a table dog! It is really me, Nadine just chopped my head off in the picture.

John Henry got Judge’s Select.

July 9, 2011

Today we started in the Tibbie ring. Pat showed Halle in the classes and I took John Henry in again winning Judge’s Select.

Then it was off to watch Ellen in the Parson’s ring. She went Best of Breed with Jillie!

Weims were on in the afternoon. Every other day we were on at 8am. Today was Best of Opposite for Sawyer and Judge’s Select for Prada.

Since we were not able to visit Karey and Ruby yesterday, they came to see us at the show today.

Daisy made herself right at home in Karey’s lap.

Miss Daisy and Ruby together in the ex-pen.

There was a sheep show and horse show also going on in the complex where the dog show was being held. I had no idea sheep were so tall!

Since Ruby was visiting we worked with her a bit. She’s looking awesome!

I also did some work with Sawyer, we are trying to get his head up more. There’s always opportunity to learn to show your dog better and I’m grateful to friends who are willing to share their experience to help us improve.

July 10, 2011. Another early judging day and Judge’s Select for both Sawyer and Prada. Oh well time to pack up and go home.

Nadine recently purchased a golf cart and customized it.

Pretty cool!

This was our first weekend with it and Sawyer had no problem jumping in and cruising back and forth to the rings.

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