Friday, July 1, 2011

Gardening and 'the Accident'

June 26, 2011.  I finally planted my flowers for the season.  Better late than never.  I usually try to get this done by mid May but was just too busy this spring.  I'm certainly no gardener and walk around the nursery aimlessly and just pick flowers by their visual appeal, lighting requirement and blooming period.

I went with purples, pinks and some yellow flowers this year.  It's simple but pretty.

The taller Blue Salvia is in the back.

Then I placed the medium sized Bandana Lemon Zest Lantanas.

The Artist Blue and Artist Rose Ageratums are in the front with some yellow Marigolds spread throughout for some added color.

I usually plant the same type of flowers on the front porch since there's not much sun there.  These are Sweet Cherry New Guinea Impatients.

But while I was out purchasing my flowers, Scott had a bit of an accident with the lawn mower.  While mowing the front of the yard he hit something, heard a clank, a swoosh, a smash, a ping and a clunk.  As we discovered later someone had thrown a door knob on our front lawn (thank you town bulk pick up even though we didn't throw out any doors).  The lawn mower hit the door knob, sliced it in the blade, shot it across our neighbor's yard, hit their mini-van window, bounced off the window towards their front door, hit the side of the house and fell on the ground.  The window was smashed and crackling like ice breaking but thank goodness no one was hurt.  We are so grateful the kids were not playing on the front lawn at the time.  Now everyone will be taking cover when Scott goes out to mow.

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  1. WOWzers.... you're lucky. Scott's lucky it didnt shoot back into him... My husband had a similar mowing incident last week with a copper mold I had hanging on my fence as decoration...mangled.