Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leaving for Disney World

November 27, 2010. We departed for Disney World early this morning. The airport was busy when we arrived in Orlando. The Magical Express whisked us away to Saratoga Springs where we’ll be spending the week.

You can see Downtown Disney from our room and there was a hot air balloon. We think it’s some sort of ride but we’ll have to get down there and check it out. From a distance it was hard to identify all the figures on the balloon but now we can confirm the 3 spots were the fairies from Sleeping Beauty; Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

With everyone traveling in today, tonight's plan was to take it easy so we went for an early dinner at the Wilderness Lodge. Everything is decorated for Christmas and as expected, Disney does a spectacular job.

Christmas tree in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge.

Scott and Jared hard at work coloring at the dinner table.

The first of many meals together this week.

Our friend Darcey was able to drive down from Jacksonville for the weekend. Here we are with a cute bear display at the Wilderness Lodge.

Scott and I on the bridge in the Wilderness Lodge lobby

Marilyn and Harry at the bridge, you can see the water in this picture.

The Yellen family also posed at the bridge…perhaps this will be their Christmas card this year. There will be plenty of photo opportunities, I’m sure.

Totem pole Darcey

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