Monday, December 6, 2010

Disney Day 6 - Magic Kingdom round two and Downtown Disney

December 3, 2010. Scott and I took it easy in the morning and ran to Downtown Disney for a very quick shopping trip then came back to the room to do some reading on the balcony (me) and napping on the couch (Scott). In the afternoon we caught up with the rest of the family for our second trip to Magic Kingdom.
Today they were filming for the Disney Christmas parade for ABC.
This is the finale, which we think is Mariah Carey signing "All I Want For Christmas is You"

Jared and Kayla were very excited to be riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

But very sad that this was the last day at the parks and the last ride of the night.
So as soon as we got off the ride and since we had 10 minutes left until the park closed, we jumped back on line again to ride it again!

Scott’s parents are comfortable waiting in the rocking chairs while we were riding.
After the Magic Kingdom we went to Downtown Disney for our last shopping trip and dinner. We ate at T-Rex which is a dinosaur themed restaurant by the same owners of the Rainforest café.

Scott next to the cute animated wooly mammoth baby.
We were seated in the cool ice age section

After dinner we hurried to the bus because we were freezing…in Florida! This winter wonderland picture felt appropriate with the temperature.

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