Friday, November 26, 2010


November 25, 2010.  It was our turn to host Thanksgiving this year and it's always wonderful to spend time with family, two legged or four legged. 

Posing for a picture with the kids before the chaos begins.

The tables all set for dinner.

My Minnie & Mickey salt & pepper cute!

Scott and Sharon.  The goal was to finish dinner in time for Scott to watch the Cowboy game.

Brooke waiting patiently by the table for some food.

A tired Aunt Kathy and Brooke after dinner.

Sharon could hardly keep her eyes open.

She finally gave up trying.

Next up, Disney!  Sawyer's vacationing with Nadine.  My mom is in from Florida to watch the girls (thank you Mom!!).  Scott and I are off with the family to DisneyWorld!!

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  1. We had to be done in time to watch the Jets game...
    love the autumn collar...
    have a great time in Disney!