Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Ostranders

December 24, 2010.  Christmas Eve!

Christmas is almost here and everyone is excited.  Sawyer even "helps" out with the wrapping. 

Sharon, just hanging out waiting for Santa.

Brooke is getting tired of waiting.

December 25, 2010.  Christmas Day!

Sharon says "I've been a good girl Daddy.  Can I have some presents?"

Brooke is  more interested in getting to the presents then taking a picture with me.  But she looks pretty with her holiday flower collar....thanks Karey!

Sawyer looks handsome in his bow tie.  Very formal for Christmas morning attire.

Let's get to the presents!  The dogs have fun opening their own gifts.

Sharon got a new duck toy.

She didn't have it for long.  Sawyer stole it from her and later de-squeaked it.

Brooke enjoys her new woobie.

But we're not done, there's still a gift that Nanna sent from Florida.

Now, onto our presents.  First up stocking suffers!  Do you think the dogs know this is filled with candy?

Brooke watches intently from the couch.

Scott tries to stop Sawyer from destroying the duck, but he just loves it, even though it isn't his.

We try to get a family photo before all the presents are torn apart. (Brooke, Sharon and Sawyer)

Back to presents.  Scott got me beautiful wine glasses with a Weimaraner etched in the glass.

Scott got a new set of golf clubs.  Sharon looks interested but Sawyer is the one who retrieves the golf balls in the back yard.

Hmm, what can this be?  Does Sharon know?

All this excitement must be exhausting for Sharon and Brooke

Sawyer just enjoys his new woobie when the present opening festivities have concluded.

Good thing I got all these pictures because after this the camera started to act funny.  I was able to snap a few usable photos at my in-laws and then the camera died.

Kayla seemed to like the new iHome from her Uncle Scott & Aunt Michelle

Kendalyn decided to put her bow on her face.  She makes a great present!  Her brother, Logan, did the same but his picture came out fuzzy...dang camera!

Jared also liked his new Wii game, Epic Mickey, that we got him.

Scott, aka Santa Mickey, got a new Jets hat from his parents.

Another year of present chaos at the Ostrander house.

I spent the day before putting together a picture collage of our recent Disney trip.  It's hard to find photos to fit in those little spaces but I think they turned out nice.

Here's the collage I made for the Yellen family.

And here's the one for Scott's parents.  Just slightly different photos.

And while I was at it I made one for us too.

I tried to get a picture of Scott's mom holding the collage but that's when the camera just gave out.  Hopefully I can get it repaired very soon, especially since it only lasted 1 year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends!!!

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