Monday, December 20, 2010

Last dog events of 2010

December  9, 2010.  Sawyer had his first solo still photo shoot today.  Look for Sawyer in Macy's spring Sawyer in late February / early March 2011.

Sawyer hanging out in the studio waiting for his photo shoot.  This is before we selected his wardrobe.

Sawyer in his slim leather collar, which they said they would make brown to match the model's belt. 

It was a quick shoot and the model was very nice to Sawyer and very accomodating as the photographer wanted to Sawyer to jump up in the air. 

December 12, 2010.  Our last CDSP obedience trial of the year.  Brooke was entered in two Open classes and she needed two legs to obtain her title.  It just wasn't meant to be.  She was less than stellar in her first run and then the second run was beautiful...until we got to the last exercise, the go out turn and sit.  Brooke did not 'go out' quite far at all so we did not qualify.  I'm hoping she's saving it all up for our next trial on her home turf at St. Hubert's Dog Training School in early January. 

December 18, 2010.  The second to last comformation show of the year.  Karey and Ruby came out to NJ on Friday night so I could work with Ruby a bit before she re-entered the show ring.  It's been several months since her last shows and she's had very little ring experience.  She did well considering and the most important thing was for her to have fun in the ring.  Karey wasn't able to take pictures because she had to hold the mamma's boys, Sawyer and Dude, while Nadine and I were in the ring with Prada and Ruby.

Sawyer did pretty well and took Best of Opposite Sex, earning 3 more Grand Champion points.  Only two more to go! 
Sawyer in the ring with dad, Dude right behind him.  Dude got Select Dog.

The big winner of the day was Prada.  Prada went Winners Bitch then Best of Winners for a 3 point major!  She only needs two more single points for her Championship.  Not bad for 10 months old. 

Sawyer had a wonderful time playing with his little sister, Ruby, at the house.  I'm not sure why Brooke was so exhausted since she didn't do any of the playing, but she passed out on the couch on our neighbor Bruce after dinner.

Karey bought beautfiul holiday collars for the kids.  We'll have to use these in our Christms card next year.  Sawyer was so busy playing with Ruby it was hard to get him to stop for a photo with his very cute bowtie.

December 19, 2010.  The last conformation show of the year.  For the first time Tibbies and Weims were in the same ring so we got to see our friend Pat with Halle.  Pat's husband Kevin normally shows Halle but he's been sidelined for a bit so Pat took over.  They didn't win their class but Halle still looked great!

My cousin Michelle came to see the show today so she generously offered to take pictures for us...thanks Shelly!!!

Ruby did much bettter the second day and held her stacks in the ring.  She just needs a little more experience and maturing and she'll do fine. 
Sisters Ruby and Prada lined up in the 9 - 12 month puppy class.

Ruby was a good girl on her exam.

She moved nicely and that was great considering we really didn't practice that at all. 

Sawyer's turn for the Best of Breed competition. 
Sawyer and Dude in the line up again.

Come on judge, pick us, Sawyer is handsome!

Did we win mommy?

Yes!  Best of Opposite Sex and 3 more points to give Sawyer his Grand Championship!!

In celebration of our wonderful year together, Sawyer and I had our pictures drawn.

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