Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Labor day weekend was extremely busy and I was on the go the whole weekend. 

September 3, 2010.  This weekend we took time out from conformation to focus on obedience.  Sawyer was entered in his first Beginner Novice class and Brooke in Novice at the Newton Kennel Club show.  It was really hot and we had to wait for awhile before we started. 

Brooke was first in.  So our heeling wasn't terrific and she didn't seem to want to sit much but we pulled through with a decent score and 3rd place. 

Sawyer did very well in the Beginner Novice class.  He scored a 195 and was just 1/2 point out of first place.

Thanks to Nadine for taking the videos for us!

September 4, 2010.  We took the day off from shows because today was our last canine water sports class. Of course Sawyer did not swim.  I guess he just doesn't like this location. 

It was very windy as you can tell from Sawyer's ear pointing the wind direction.

Sawyer didn't mind taking the ramp back and forth to the platform, but no swimming.
Sawyer's classmate Dazzle liked taking rides on the boogie board.

Sawyer's classmate, Drago the Bouvier des Flandres, is a super swimmer!

September 5, 2010.  Today we went to PA to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.

Scott's sister Jill with her daughter Kayla and Scott's brother Craig with his daughter Kendalyn.

Curtis and Jared were like monkeys in the hammock.

Sawyer came along for the ride.  He's a good boy.

The Entertainers:  Craig and Scott's father, Harry.

We didn't have candles so Harry tried to blow out the fire.  We figured it was a good simulation of what the 67 candles would look like.

September 6, 2010.  Only Brooke was entered in obedience today at the Schooley's Mountain Kennel Club show in Morristown.  We were trying for her 2nd leg towards her Novice title.  We still need to work on the heeling but she improved her score and we took 1st place in the class! 

Brooke did better with her heeling but still didn't sit until the end.  When we halted she would just stand there and wag her tail.

Brooke won a toy for her 1st place finish so I picked an appropriate "princess" toy just for her.

Later puppy Abby came to visit.  Prada and Dude were there too so it was another family reunion.

Abby and Prada playing together.

Prada shows how she's becoming a pro at stacking.

Then Abby gave it a try.

Dude was apparently pooped from showing to be bothered with the family reunion.

September 7, 2010.  Sawyer had another appointment at Showplace to practice swimming.  Of course he has no trouble here and just loves going in the pool.  I brought fake birds with us this time so he could practice retreiving them.

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