Monday, September 20, 2010

Water Retrieve Training

September 18, 2010.  This afternoon I met Nadine, John, and Kim at Colliers Mills to do some water retrieve training.  Colliers Mills is where the Delaware Valley and Garden State Weimaraner Clubs will host hunting and retreiving ratings tests in October so I wanted to get Sawyer out to see if he'd go in the water.  Kim had birds so we could do some realistic training. 

Nadine, John, and I were there first since Kim was coming from a show in PA.  I worked with Sawyer with his bumper first, starting out closer to shore and then throwing it out further and he did fine going in the water.  Good thing John was there to be our official thrower.

Then we moved onto the fake bird.  This is the smaller chukkar version.  I have no idea how I get these shots with Sawyer's ears in these positions.

Then we moved onto the larger fake duck.  Prada was not fooled by this fake fowl.

Prada waiting for Dude to bring the toy back to shore.

Then Kim arrived with the real deal and it was game on!  Duck floats better and longer so we started with that.  Sawyer had no problem transitioning to the real birds.

Prada loved the birds...just not the water.  She's still young and Nadine had plenty of time to work with her.

Towards the end of our session Sawyer was getting tired and splashy.  During one retrieve he stayed up on his hind legs as long as possible before swimming.  It was very funny and wished I got that on video.

But I think he would have kept going as long as John kept throwing the birds out there.

I was able to get some video, but was told to put my camera down and work with my's hard to photograph when you're supposed to be practicing :)

Lizzy was our clean up swimmer.  She would go out and get anything we threw out there.  Not bad for an 11-1/2 year old!

When we were done working with the birds, we put them up in the tree so the dogs couldn't get at them.  That didn't stop Stella from trying.

Zante figured out it was just easier to steal the bag of birds right from the car.

It started to get late and dark for pictures but thought this was a nice silhouette of Sawyer to end the day.

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