Monday, September 20, 2010

North Branch Park weekend

September 9, 2010.  Today was the first of a 4 day cluster of shows at North Branch Park.  At the Big Apple Sporting Dog specialty, Prada went Best Puppy in Sweeps and Reserve Winners Bitch, and Sawyer got Select Dog for his first Grand Champion point. 

September 10, 2010.  Today at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club show I made the mistake of entering Conformation and Obedience on the same day...never again!  The rings could not be farther apart and of course I had potential conflicts.  I was worried we wouldn't make it to our Beginner Novice class but we had plenty of time with the lunch break...and then too much time when the 45 min lunch break turned into 2 hours! But Sawyer was a trooper even with the delay, the high winds blowing wonderful smells, being first-in with no judge's briefing, our friend outside the ring gate taking pictures directly in our heeling pattern, Sawyer slipping in the dry grass on about turn, and almost knocking me down on the speedy recall, we still managed to walk away with 1st place with a decent score of 193!

I was glad to get great photos by my friend Scott Teske ( ).  I'm hoping he can come to more dog events because he got some great shots. Here are a few...

Sawyer's close up.

Sawyer's Figure 8.

Sawyer in heel position about to start the sit stay exercise.  Look at that attention!

Mom leaving Sawyer as he watches me around the ring.  Where is she?

There I am.

Reunited after the exercise is over!  What a mamma's boy!
September 11, 2010.  Saturday at the Somerset Hills show I had again Sawyer entered in both conformation and Rally, this time it was going to be a tighter time frame. We checked in at Rally first, alerted the ring steward to a potential conflict and booked over to the conformation ring.  We showed there and went Best Of Opposite Sex and got more Grand Champion Points.  As soon as we were done there we bolted back to Rally.  Luckily I entered the wrong class (B) which had more entries and Advanced was still going on so we had a few minutes to warm up and jump in the ring.  Of course I missed the walk through so I had to go by the course map alone.  Needless to say I knew it wasn't going to go well when I approached the first exercise, a 360 Right and started going to the Left.  Luckily I caught my mistake and continued through the course.  We had to re-do a few exercises but still walked out with our 2nd leg and a score of 93.  If I had entered Sawyer in the correct class (A) we would have had 1st place...oh well.

September 12, 2010.  Conformation only today, yippee!  No running like a loon between rings.  The weather was lousy and raining but Sawyer got Select Dog and another Grand Champion point.  I'll need to figure out how these points work.

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