Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canada – Day 4, All Breed Show

August 30, 2010. Today was the last day of the circuit. Everyone is tired, it’s pretty hot, and having a judging time of 11:45am doesn’t help. But everyone showed well.

Dude and Hula waiting patiently with Barb ringside for their turn while Prada was in the ring.

Prada still moved nicely after four days of showing with 8 shows in total for her, including Sweeps. Not bad for a baby.

It was close for Sawyer but Dude won the Breed again. 5 out of 6 shows this weekend, go Dude!

Dude says “Look at all the ribbons I won this weekend!”

Here’s how he won them…look at that stack.

Later in the afternoon I watched my friends’ Pat & Kevin’s Tibbie, Kelso.

After that they took us for a ride to their campsite to see the Tibbie puppies. There are two litters, a set of 5 and a set of 2.

These are the older puppies, they are 9 weeks old.

These two boys are 7 weeks old.

This one was my favorite. He had such a cute face and what a personality!

Guess the showing finally caught up with Prada as she passed out in her crate tonight. with her face pressed against the door.

We were right on the St. Lawrence river so I wanted to take advantage of the scenery so I had Sawyer pose by the river. He’s a handsome boy and I’m proud of how he showed this weekend! What a great trip!!

Sawyer's official photo for his Canadian Championship.  I'm so glad it came out nice.


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