Monday, September 20, 2010

Return to APDT Rally

September 19, 2010.  We haven't done APDT Rally since early July so we traveled to White Plains, NY to a trial hosted by one of our favorite clubs, the Port Chester Rally Enthusiasts.  It's always a great show and the people are warm and welcoming with wonderful hospitality. 

Sawyer was up first in Level 2A and earned a perfect score for his Level 2 title!  

He earned 1st place for all 3 title legs.

Brooke did two Veteran A runs back to back.  Her first run was a quite respectable 208, landing her in 1st place.  Her second run was a perfect score and she earned her Veteran's title! 

Not to be outdone by Sawyer, Brooke also got 1st place on all 3 of her title legs.

Sawyer moved up to Level 2B in the afternoon trial and continued to perform well with a 209 and 1st place!  It was quite a good day and it was nice to be back with my APDT friends!  Thanks to Bobbie for taking the videos and pictures for us!!

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