Friday, September 24, 2010

Lots of Swimming Today

September 24, 2010.  Well the day started out cloudy but warm and Sawyer had a swimming date with a pretty young redhead....Vizsla puppy, Rayne.  We met Sarah and Rayne at Horseshoe Lake and it was a great spot with a gradual entry into the lake.  I think Rayne was a little intimidated by Sawyer's size.  She was a classmate of a couple of puppies from our last litter so she was used to the smaller grey dogs. 

Pretty Rayne

Sawyer, anxiously waiting for the throw.

Sawyer had no problem getting in the water to retrieve the tennis balls.  His problem was he couldn't figure out how to pick up both of them!

It was quite perplexing.

Rayne liked to hang out by the brush.  Perhaps she's looking for birds.

Rayne's turn to get the tennis ball.

Or not, as Sawyer comes to steal it away.

Rayne waits for Sawyer to return with the ball.

Sawyer trying to avoid Rayne.

Back to shore to dry off a bit before getting in the cars.

Later, Brooke and Sawyer went to Showplace Farms for their swimming time.  I was hoping Brooke would like the pool more this second time around and in the beginning of the session it wasn't looking good.  Then it clicked and she was off and swimming! 

Brooke was very splashy at first.

But smoothed out the more she went, especially on her way in.

Sawyer's a pro now and just rushes out to retrieve whatever you throw. If only my throwing arm was better...we lost two bumpers in the rafters...oops!

Sawyer would go out to retrieve the tennis ball and Brooke would swim with him on the way back.

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  1. Michelle - Love these pix !! Rayne had fun, and wants to do it again!