Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome Home Tiki!

June 6, 2010.  Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Who is Tiki you may ask? Tiki is Ashbrooke Quantrels Enchanted Tiki Rm. He is Sawyer's littermate brother. I unfortunately got the very bad news that Tiki's former owner surrendered him to a shelter in South Carolina. Needless to say I was devastated. Luckily the shelter contacted the local Weimaraner rescue and there was enough information to find me. The Greater Charleston Weimaraner Club Rescue arranged for his release and a wonderful man named Chris fostered Tiki until we could arrange to get him back up north. I reached out to the Weimaraner Rescue Railroad for assistance and two terrific and persistent ladies, Andrea and Anita, found volunteers to donate their time to help drive Tiki up to Virginia. My friend Karin picked Tiki up in Virginia, kept him overnight and met me in Maryland this morning.
Bless all these wonderful people for their generosity!!! I am very grateful to all of them. This could have been a very tragic situation. I’m still very angry and quite baffled as to how someone could dump this precious boy in a shelter when there was always the option (and contractual obligation) to return him to me, but my priority is Tiki and his wellness. He is a very sweet boy, has a great temperament and seems to be in good spirits. He is extremely thin so we’ll work on getting weight back on him as we look for a new forever home. I know he’ll make a fabulous addition to someone’s family.

In the mean time while we were planning Tiki’s return, Scott became ill and had to go to the emergency room on Friday evening. He was diagnosed with gallstones and is still waiting in the hospital to have his gallbladder removed. We’re all wishing him an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery! Thank you to all the friends and family who visited him today and kept him company while I drove to MD to pick up Tiki! XOXO

Tiki made himself right at home up on the couch.  Notice Brooke stretched out on her back in the background, obviously Tiki's return did not stress her out.

Tiki loves to give kisses.

Since Scott was not at home, I had to try to take our photo myself.  It's not the best photo but it will have to do for now.

He wouldn't be a Dude son if we didn't have the tounge picture.

Tiki had fun in the yard playing tug-o-war with brother, Sawyer.

Even mom, Sharon, tried to get in on the fun.  It was a regular family affair.

I think Tiki looks like Sharon.  What a sweet boy with a sweet face!

Mamma Sharon

Here's a picture of Tiki (purple collar) with brother Sawyer (green collar) and sister Coco (pink collar) at 11 weeks old.


  1. Ohhhh . . . look at that sweetie pie! How could anyone turn him into a shelter? He looks so happy with you all!

  2. he definitely has sharon's ears!!! if you need me to post anything at work about finding a home, just let me know