Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiki - Week 3

June 28, 2010.  Tiki has been back 3 weeks...can it be that long already?  He looks great!!  He looks like a regular Weimaraner now.  He's gained 4 more pounds this week and he's up to 76.4 pounds!  Time to start cutting back to regular meals.

Tiki is enjoying spending time with Scott.  I think the couch is a favorite place to be for both of them.

Tiki snoozes on the couch often, mostly with his head hanging off and snoring.  Too bad those other dogs, whose nails need to be clipped, keep waking him up. :)

It is hard for Scott to work on the computer with a big Weimaraner head on  your arm.  I know, Sawyer does the same thing to me when I'm working in the office. 

Tiki just loves playing catch with tennis balls.  He's learning to come back and release the ball in order to get another one.  But he is struggling with problem of trying to fit both tennis balls in his mouth.  He hasn't quite mastered that yet but he keeps trying.  We'll have to have his sister Coco over to show him how, she has mastered that skill.

Tiki had a grand time running in the yard with his mom, Sharon. 

Sawyer is a bit preoccupied by his mother's current status.  At least in this video the whining hadn't started yet.

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  1. Tiki looks great! I can't believe how quickly you were able to turn him around - love the pic of him and Scott on the couch. :)