Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruby's visit

June 12, 2010.  Karey and Ruby came to visit today and it was a wonderful day with lots of Weims.  I had to get the camera out and take lots of pictures.

Ruby posed right away for me in the yard.  She's one of our show pups so she'll need to get used to posing in the ring.

Ruby joined Brooke on the top step where she normally sits to observe the yard.

The stairs are THE place to be.

Tiki keeps finding sticks in the yard and they keep getting bigger.

Ruby thought this one was big enough to share.

Ruby was starting to stalk someone to initiate play in this photo.

Ruby was showing off her tricks.  She can give paw and speak!

We did a little stacking demonstration so Ruby can start to practice at home.

We even got her on the happy legs.

My dogs loved Karey's visit.  She had delicious treats and they were quite the beggars.

Hello up there says Miss Ruby.

Ruby made herself at home up on the deck chair.

So we tried to get a mother daughter photo.  Too bad it wasn't with their eyes open.

The family portrait: Brother Sawyer, Mom Sharon, Sister Ruby, Aunt Brooke and Brother Tiki.

Ruby and big brother, Tiki.

Tiki's close up.

After all the excitement today, Tiki relaxed on the deck with his woobie.

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  1. Looks like he is having a blast.