Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bruno and Sawyer - Silly Siblings

June 11, 2010.  I received some updated videos and pictures of Bruno from his owner, Debbie, today.  Bruno is one of Sawyer's littermates.

Apparently Bruno loves the water.  Here he is splashing at the beach.  What a great retrieve!

I think Bruno looks just like Sawyer.

Here is silly upsidedown Bruno.

Sawyer can be silly too.  Here he is with the half eaten tennisball on his nose.  He looks like a clown!

It's funny how all Weims love to suck on their woobies.  Here's Bruno with his.

Bruno also likes good music, who doesn't?

And it wouldn't be a Dude puppy if we didn't have a photo with his tounge sticking out.  Very cute Bruno!

I had the two Kuranda beds out thinking Brooke might want to lay on the smaller one that I had used for the puppies.  But big Sawyer decided to plop down on that one even though the large one was available.  Silly boy!

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