Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bon Jovi

May 26, 2010.  Opening the brand new Meadowlands Stadium...BON JOVI!!  What an awesome show!!  So glad my friend Darcey was able to come up from Florida to go with me.  It was 4 years ago that we saw Bon Jovi at the old Giant Stadium before Darcey moved to Florida so it was wonderful that she was able to join me at the new stadium to see Bon Jovi again.

The old Giant Stadium, half removed.  How sad.  I saw a lot of good concerts and games there.

What timing, the announcement just came out that the new stadium would be home to the 2014 Super Bowl!!  Jon said he was hoping for a Jets / Giants Super Bowl that year.  I still think I'd prefer to sit in my warm home in Feb to watch the game since the new stadium doesn't have a roof.

Darcey and I at our floor seats before the rest of the crowd got there.

First up, Train.

Hey, Soul Sister...

The main event, Bon Jovi!!

Let the show begin!

Jon has such a great smile.
These 80's songs still ROCK!  You Give Love a Bad Name.

Not one of their most famous but one of my favorites...We Got It Goin' On!

Jon and Ritchie

And up close.

All the boys...

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