Thursday, May 20, 2010

Off to Nationals... First up, Hunt Tests

May 15, 2010.  The week of the Weimaraner Club of America Nationals started off at the York Pointer Setter Club with Hunting events. 

Saturday Sharon earned her first Junior Hunter leg.

She had never seen horses before so I'm glad they didn't freak her out since the judges were on horseback.  Both she and Sawyer (the next day) were quite comfortable around them .

Dude also earned his first Junior Hunter leg.

Miss Prada Yada was there, she was cute as ever and had a great time with the birds.  Scott hadn't seen her since she left sand she has grown so much since then.

But she is still rambuncious.  Here she is trying to eat the ex-pen.

Sawyer was catching some shade while the girls, Sharon and Brooke, enjoyed the sun.

Dude is being goofy while mom, Mira looks on.

Brooke was more comfortable waiting in the car than the ex-pens.  I call this one 'Driving Miss Brooke'.

Later in the afternoon we took Sawyer and his grandma, Mira, out in the fields.  He had a great time running around and looking for birds. 

Barb and Frank arrived from Canada on Saturday night. They have two Dude puppies that are just adorable.
Here one of the puppies in enjoying the agility tunnel...well I think he's just enjoying the shade.

Look at this face, so cute!

It's so tempting to steal one, but I had to get in line with all the other people that wanted to steal these cuties!  That was Karin to my right who was trying to take the other puppy.


  1. Sooooo cute - how old are the puppies? Ruby looks so big compared to them! Her legs are getting so long, and she can outrun the kids without even trying that hard. Hope I can get to Freehold on 5/30 - I know she would love to see everyone!

  2. The pups are only 4 or 5 weeks old. They were just so darn cute!