Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So long Newman

May 3, 2010.  Newman went to his new home today.  It was bittersweet as his new family is very excited to have him but he will be missed here.  Sawyer just loved playing with him but I'm sure he'll be happy to get back more of my attention.  And we'll see Newman soon.

I had to take a few more pictures of Newman before he left.  He loved to go upstairs to play.

At the top of the stairs he's the king of the world.  Love the ears!

Newman was sleeping on the couch but woke up just as I snapped the picture.  Hope his new owners don't mind him being on the couch because he just loves it.

Newman and Sawyer got their last bit of playing in before Newman left.

I love how Sawyer just sat down in the middle while Newman keeps struggling to get the bed away...and yes that's a puppy bed, not a chew toy.

Luann, Doug and Kirsten were just thrilled to finally bring Newman home.

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