Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nationals - Day 3, Day off

May 18, 2010.  Today was our day off since we didn't have any events today.  I was able to work from the hotel room so I didn't have to waste a vacation day and the dogs rested.

Brooke enjoyed having the whole bed to herself.

Sawyer stretched out and enjoyed his woobie.

They even got some playing time together.

We were able to take advantage of some training time with Rose who is our obedience hero from Canada.  She has a wonderful Weim named Asia (bred by Barb) and has accomplished so much in obedience the stats are staggering.  I think she said she has 40 High in Trials!!  She gave us some wonderful tips and I'm feeling a little more confident about Brooke's debut in AKC obedience tomorrow.

After all that practicing, Sawyer needed a rest before dinner so curled up with my purse.

At dinner Frank discovered his glasses had broken so now he used his monocle to read the menu.  I always have fun with this gang and was glad to spend time with good friends.

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