Monday, December 26, 2011

Florida dog shows

December 15, 2011.  After driving all day on Wednesday we had an 8am judging time for our first show in Florida.  Daisy was in Sweepstakes and decided she did not want to stand for the exam.  The Sweeps judge was very kind and let us just move around the ring.   She did a repeat in the regular class and we were excused.  Not sure why she acted this way but we'll have to work with her as she's not done this before, but we also haven't been in the ring in several months.  Sawyer showed nicely but we didn't get any placements.  Scott wasn't able to get many pictures as trying to hold Daisy and a camera is always difficult.

In the afternoon Scott went to see co-workers at Disney and I relaxed in the room with the dogs. 

December 16, 2011.  Day two of the Florida shows had an afternoon start so we were able to take our time in the morning.  I pulled Daisy since I needed time to work with her and only Sawyer showed today. Again he looked good but no ribbons for us today.

We went to the Tibbie ring first to watch our friends Pat & Kevin and their dogs. 

Sawyer and I watched ringside.

Apparently it wasn't as exciting for Sawyer.

Scott had his hands full with Daisy so Pat took pictures for us.  My camera did not seem to be taking the best pictures in this facility and the moving photos were blury.

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