Monday, December 26, 2011


December 17, 2011.  Weims were in the afternoon but I had Scott drop me off early so I could be there for Tibbie judging.  Pat had wanted me to show Kelso but decided she was going to do it herself.  There was a large entry so it was a lot of standing for Pat but she was a trouper and made it through the whole judging assignment.

Sawyer's swimming buddy, Djebel took Best of Breed and would go on to be in the Non-Sporting group.  What a great win for Pat & Kevin!! It was a good day for the Wassong Tibbies!

Djebel and her handler, Ernesto.

The happy owners/breeders, Pat & Kevin.  Djebel went on to win a Group 3!!  We're were so thrilled for them. 

Weims were in after lunch.  Bobbie was nice enough to take photos for me today. 

Sawyer looked good. 

 The judge kept looking but he didn't make the cut.

I was still proud to be in the ring handling a dog that I bred who is so versatile.

I just love this shot.  I call it helicopter ears.

On the move with our heads held high.

Posing for the camera.

After judging we hopped on the shuttle for the long trek back to the parking lot. 

Since we had some open time in the afternoon, we drove through Disney's Celebrations community.

Disney is always fun during the holidays.  The sign advertises the nightly snowing as part of the festivities.

It's such a pretty town with a lovely town center.

Even the post office is interesting looking.

This holiday tram was running through town.

There's even a golf course with this antique car out front.

Scott's co-workers are in a building in Celebrations.  Perhaps he can get transferred so we can move here?

Sawyer enjoying some down time after the long road trip and 3 days in the ring.

Daisy with Sawyer's pillow, aka 'his girlfriend'.  We don't leave it out at home because she eats everything so this was special traveling woobie time.

Good night, it's been a long day.

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