Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

December 25, 2011.  As per our normal routine we get up and open presents with our kids then we head to Scott's parent's house in PA for Christmas dinner.

This year the kids got Elk antlers.  They all enjoy them and we like them because they are pretty indestructible.  Unfortunately we can't get any soft toys because Daisy tears them up and eats them. 

Sawyer thinks this is a great present.

Brooke and Daisy enjoy the antlers too.

Sharon is looking for more treats but settles in with her antler.

Time out from chewing for a photo op.

Back to work.

The girls in front of the fireplace: Daisy, Sharon, Brooke.

The single guy, Sawyer.

Daisy trying to eat the tree while it's temporarily out of jail.

Off to the Ostranders for the chaos of Christmas.

Love our niece, Kendalyn's new hat!

Scott loves his mother's cookies.

Kendalyn with her new mustache sweatshirt.

And hanging with my in-law's Sheltie, Mindy.

I think Kayla liked her concert tickets.  She'll be going with me to see Kelly Clarkson in January.

That's a lot of trucks there Curtis.

And then we spent the rest of the day enjoying my mother-in-law's wonderful cooking and eating ourselves into food comas. 

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