Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Safe Harbor

October 31, 2011. Monday and we still have no power at home. But we are quite comfortable in PA at Scott’s parents house. The dogs are really enjoying it here. They seem to really love the couches with all the pillows.

They all fit comfortably on one couch.

Sharon says this is much better than the house with no heat or lights.

Sawyer enjoys the love seat all to himself.

Brooke has it really rough here.

Sharon thinks all these pillows are great!

We went out to dinner with Scott’s parents. It is our 13th wedding anniversary and we want to thank them for taking us in. Not the Melting Pot which we had planned for last Saturday night but we had some nice steaks and good company at the Outback. One the way home we pass this restaurant which always cracks me up. I don’t know why they are out of business but the name is probably available.

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