Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Aftermath

October 30, 2011. We had no power all night and it’s not looking promising.

Another big branch is dangling in the yard and will probably fall any minute. Hopefully the dogs won’t be outside when that happens.

These are our tall bushes between our house and our neighbors. When you look at them from above it looks like they are parted right down the middle from the weight of the snow.

Brooke does not like all these tree limbs cluttering her yard.

It was a rough night and we are all tired. Daisy tries to catch some zzz’s in the chair.

We had the cars running so we could charge our electronic devices. Scott spent some time in the car warming up and listening to the football game. The dogs wonder why he gets to be out in the warm car while we’re all in the cold house.

Brooke does not appreciate these living conditions.

Daisy thinks its fun balancing on the rocking chair watching what happens outside.

The temperature in the house seems colder outside. With no promise of the power being restored we decide to pack up and go to Scott’s parents. They are gracious enough to take us in with the dogs and they have heat, electricity, cable, phones, all the luxuries we’ve grown accustomed to.

We make one turn and we’re already encountering trees and power lines in the road.

Trees were actually uprooted.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to Rt. 78 when it normally takes us about 5 minutes. There were lots of detours.

Not the typical Halloween decoration but appropriate given the weather.

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