Tuesday, November 1, 2011


October 29, 2011. We were hit with a snowstorm, which is really not normal for this time of year. I don’t think anyone was expecting the impact of this storm. After the Healthy Dogs grand opening we came home and let the dogs run in the yard. They love the snow, especially Daisy.

But just standing outside a few minutes you could hear the trees cracking and I felt it was too dangerous to let the dogs stay outside. I took some video and more important than the picture is the sound. You can just hear the trees falling. It was scary.

A limb from our neighbor’s tree fell on our fence. Luckily it’s only a little damage.

You can see the tops of the trees where the branches have just severed off.

We thought this tree would finally fall given how bent it is but apparently it’s still standing.

This big branch fell on our back fence.

And not to be outdone, a branch had to fall on the other side of the yard from our other neighbor.

We lost power around 3:30pm on Saturday.

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