Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Dog U CDSP Obedience Trial

November 27, 2011. Today we went to a CDSP Obedience trail hosted by Good Dog U in White Plains, NY. This is a wonderful host club and they always put on a great trial. I’m still trying to get Brooke’s Open title and this was two more opportunities to do that today. Sawyer was entered in Novice C to try to earn a few more championship legs.

Brooke was up first. She was upbeat and really seemed on today.

She was heeling with me and paying attention. She only lost 1 point on this exercise.

The running broad jump was great and she only lost half a point on this exercise.

We were having problems with the drop on recall when we were practicing Friday night. But she nailed it today. A little bit of a crooked front cost us half a point.

My throw for the retrieve on the flat was surprisingly straight. I was hoping I could do the same over the high jump. We only got half a point off on this exercise.

Luckily my toss for the retrieve over the high jump was straight and Brooke jumped both going out and coming back! Minus 1 point for this one.

One more exercise to go and we could get that elusive 2nd qualifying leg, but it’s the dreaded ‘Go Out Turn and Sit’ exercise which historically causes us problems. We practiced Friday, Saturday and outside the ring today with no issues. And once again, in the ring Brooke does not go out far enough so we do not qualify.

I still love her but boy is this frustrating. She’s never done so well on all the other exercises but we just couldn’t pull it off this time. 

Sawyer’s Novice C run was good. He’s been pretty consistent and I’m less nervous since he already has his Novice title.

Sawyer had to participate in a runoff and ended up with 4th place with his score of 198 out of 200.

Try number two for Brooke.

Another great heeling pattern.

Broad jump was good. Drop on recall was good but instead of coming to front Brooke went around to heel position but that was only 3 points off.

Retrieve on the flat was good again.

The retrieve over the high jump was perfect with no points taken off.

And then the go out…she looks like she’s going out.

But then she turns too soon.

Oh well, we’ll have to try again at another trial.

Sawyer has another nice run in Novice, this time with a 198-1/2 and 3rd place, no run off necessary this time.

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