Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Healthy Bones Grand Opening

October 29, 2011. Today was the grand opening of Healthy Bones Sports Center for Dogs. Sawyer and I would help with the ribbon cutting ceremony and obedience demos.  An unexpected October snow didn’t stop the grand opening.

A little peanut butter helped the dogs to participate in the ribbon ceremony.

Yea, success! But Sawyer says there’s still PB on here that I must get.

A little warm up before the obedience demo.

The mirror makes for cool pics.

First up is Francine with Dazzle. Bobbie helps with teaching the dogs how to handle vet exams.

Next up is the obedience demo with Linda Sperco and Rye and Sawyer and I. Sawyer was a little distracted by the crowd. All of the sudden he was a ham and wanted to meet his people.

But we got through it. Yeah!

Then we did a retrieve demo. After Sawyer picked up is dumbbell he had to make sure all his fans saw his accomplishment.

But he finally returned it nicely.

So we celebrate!

We weren’t originally scheduled but Francine let us run through the agility demo.

 Bobbie and Emmy did a fabulous job with the Rally demo.

Mary showed everyone the latest sport of Noseworks with Casey.

Puppy demo was up next. Bobbie has Airy out to try different surfaces, including a hula hoop.

Healthy Bones had the cutest human goodies for the celebration.

Parade of all the volunteers.

Our friend’s Glen and Helen stopped by with their dog Roxy.

What a long day for Sawyer.

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