Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Wine Country - Day 2

September 30, 2011. Second day of Wine Country, another grim forecast but it wasn’t down pouring yet. Tibbies were on in the morning.

John Henry was waiting for me when I arrived at the ring. Isn’t he cute!

Halle went Winners Bitch from the Bred By Exhibitor class with Pat for a major!  I was thrilled for Pat.

Djebel went Best of Breed, went on to win the Group and was in for Best in Show. By then it was so windy that I thought the poor girl was going to blow right off the table! But she held on and looked great!

Luckily it still wasn’t raining when Weims went into the ring in the afternoon.

Wyatt is still getting used to this showing stuff.

He always got his gaiting together for reserve. Another Reserve Winners Dog for him today, reserve to a major this time.

No pictures of Sawyer today. Scott couldn’t take photos and hold Wyatt while I was in the ring with Sawyer.

Scott and the Daisy Doodle hanging out in the RV.

Wyatt suckling on a woodbie on our bed.

He’s making himself quite at home.

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