Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Wine Country - Day 3

October 1, 2011. Day 3 of Wine Country. The weather is getting worse. Today we’re on in the morning and it’s rainy, windy and chilly.

Wyatt practices stacking outside the ring with Sawyer’s coat on.

Sawyer watching mommy with another man, Waytt. Sawyer is such a momma’s boy!

Both dogs in our Bred By Class were being goofy while gaiting. The judge, Pat Trotter, was very nice and let us try again. She said she liked Wyatt stacked and he ended up Reserve to the major again.

Next up was Sawyer

Sawyer goes Best of Opposite Sex today.

As soon as we were done we ran over to the Tibbie Specialty to see if I would still be able to show John Henry. Tibbies really don’t like this weather.

Halle did not think running around in the wet grass in the rain was very fun.

Under the tent on the table was a much better place to be.

I think Halle’s face says it all on how she feels about this weather.

Me and John Henry waiting for our turn.

Movin’ those legs out…both of us.

Well we didn’t do anything again today but Djebel went Best in Specialty show and Pat won a beautiful chair!

Sharon, Jet’s fan...well it's better than the Cowboys.

Today was John’s birthday so we celebrated with a big cake and candles.

We got a big tent this year, thank goodness considering our typical Wine Country weather.

The chefs for the week: Frank, Phil and John. Scott helped with breakfast.

Denise and I, trying to keep warm and dry.

Caught! Scott really does love Daisy!!

Daisy thinks she is a lap dog.

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