Thursday, September 29, 2011

CDSP Trial

September 18, 2011. Today we went to a CDSP Obedience trial in NY. We’re still trying to get Brooke’s Open title and it’s been awhile since our first qualifying leg. Since we were going I put Sawyer in Novice C to try to earn legs towards his Championship title. I’m certainly glad I did that. There were two trials in the same day so we had two opportunities to pass.

Brooke’s Open run was first. She did a lovely job and she even saved the retrieve over the high jump when I thought for sure she was going to bi-pass it. And then we got to the last exercise, the Go Out, traditionally our downfall. Unfortunately Brooke did not go out far enough so we did not qualify.

Sawyer had a beautiful Novice run and I was shocked when we took 1st place in the class with a score of 199!!

My Blue Ribbon classmates took 2nd and 3rd place in the same class so we took a group photo to celebrate.

We ended up getting High in Trial!

The afternoon trial was almost a repeat of the morning. Unfortunately Brooke had the same issue with the Go Out so we did not qualify. Sawyer had another brilliant run, with another 199 score and 1st place in the Novice C class.

I don’t think Sawyer could have had a closer front after the recall over the bar jump. His nose went right up my vest.

CDSP has an honor exercise, similar to Rally, and Sawyer pays great attention during that.

We missed the afternoon trial by ½ point but I was still very pleased with our success.

Another bonus for the day was that Karey, Christian, Natalie and Ruby came to visit. Turns out the trial site was not too far from their house so they stopped by to see us. Ruby still looks great and we’re planning to take her out for UKC shows.

Princess Ruby rides in the rear of the car in her harness.

Later that night we went to see Roger Daltrey perfom the Who’s Tommy. That’s my favorite Who album. The show was great!

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